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Avene Eau Thermale Mineral Fluid and Tinted Mineral Fluid

I’m into Tinted sunscreens at the moment, and Avene’s Tinted Mineral Fluid has the tint that closest to my skin tone at the moment, so I’m loving it!  The SPF 50 formula is made up of zinc oxide which is … Continue reading

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My Favourite Spring Products

Check it out: some of my spring favourites! Stuff I liked: CeraVe SA Collection Avene Sunscreen Stila Eyeliner Nars Night Series Eyeliner CoverFX Pressed Mineral Foundation The Ordinary serums.

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Avene XeraCalm A.D.

Are you a lotion user?  A daily moisturizer?  I know I am.  Between myself and my kids, I go through a lot of lotion, and so I like getting it in as big of a bottle as possible, which why … Continue reading

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Self-Care with Avene

A good night for me always includes a time when I can get some self-care in.  Self-care can mean going out, but if I’m staying in then I want a good body scrub and oil, and right now these two … Continue reading

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Defend Your Skin with Vitamin C from Avene

At about this time of year, your tan’s faded, and maybe you’re left with some freckles from a good summer.  Maybe it’s just time to get that brightness back that you feel like you might have lost. I know that … Continue reading

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New, Avene Serums

I don’t think that it’s any secret that this winter has been the longest one we’ve had in a while, and the effects are certainly showing up on our skin and hair.  It ends up being perfect, then, that Avene … Continue reading

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Avene Makes The Best Mineral Sunscreen

Mineral sunscreens.  I feel as if they’re all that anyone is talking about right now and they’re definitely not for everyone because a lot of times they include a high concentration of zinc oxide which goes on very white. But … Continue reading

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Avene Sunscreen

I’m getting to the point where I hate using sunscreen in the winter.  My skin is dry right now and all I want is a dose of good moisturizer, but layering serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, and possibly foundation is getting to … Continue reading

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Fall Hydration with Avene and a Giveaway

The weather is changing and so it’s time to add extra hydrators into your skincare routine.  As the weather turns cooler, our skin can get dry without our even knowing it and so it’s better to add some light hydrators … Continue reading

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Review: Eau Thermale Avene Skin Recovery Cream

So the weather isn’t quite dry enough to bust out the Creme de la Mer yet, but suddenly summer weight gels and creams aren’t quite enough. That’s where this lovely cream comes in. It’s specially designed for sensitive skin, and … Continue reading

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