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Body Shop Lip Butter

With the air being hot and dry at times, and with my layering on lots of sunscreen, I’ve found that my lips have taken a back seat in terms of care.  So I’ve been looking through my stash of lip products and reached for The Body Shop Grapefruit Lip Butter since it smelled so yummy. […]

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Pretty Radiance

Did you know that The Body Shop makes some of the best sparkly products on the market?  I’ve tried their highlighter stick (which I wish came in gold), their Cranberry body highlighter (which I wish came in bronze), and I simply adore their body and leg shine (which is out again for this summer!).  Now […]

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Body Shop’s Buriti Baby Impresses Discerning Mothers

Mothers want the best for their little ones, and mothers out there will want to know that the Body Shop’s Buriti Baby line of products is excellent. It’s filled with natural ingredients and the products are formulated to be gentle enough for a baby’s sensitive skin. There are no preservatives, and the whole line is […]

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Beauty on the Go – Pocket-Size Perfect

We realize that many of you are heading off for vacation soon, and so we thought we’d share some of our personal travel tips to make your journey easier! This week we cover what we like to pack – and what we leave at home. Today we cover perfect pocket-size products! If you have some […]

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Body Shop’s New Initiative

Check it out: starting today, The Body Shop stores will be selling the Shea Lip Care Duo that you see above. Retailing for $15, the duo is preservative free, highly moisturizing, and has vitamins A, C, and E to help take care of your lips. The best part? About $9 from the sale of each […]

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Colour Me Skeptical

Oh wait, I was skeptical but now I’m not. Skeptical about what? The Body and Leg Shine from The Body Shop. I tried this on my arms, forgot about it, and put a long-sleeved shirt on. Later that day, as a rolled up my sleeves, I noticed that my arms were still sparkling gold and […]

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This Just In

Starting today, May 12th, The Body Shop is lowering its prices on 300 products throughout its stores so that you’re paying fair Canadian prices. That means, that you no longer have to buy your Body Shop products in the U.S. to get value for your money. I, for one, commend the Body Shop on this, […]

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MTV and Body Shop Pair Up For AIDS Research

Check it out: MTV and The Body Shop have paired up yet again to create a product that’s original and the proceeds of which will benefit AIDS prevention. Remember last year? They made that perfume in a pink bottle; this year it’s a lip butter. I like this year’s offering better. It’s a very light […]

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Body Shop Flags at Half Mast

So sad: Anita Roddick, the founder of the Body Shop, died yesterday due to a brain hemorrhage. The woman was a pioneer in the beauty world. Yes, her soaps smell amazing but she was the one who introduced using natural ingredients in beauty products. Anita was also respected and lauded for using her company to […]

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Body Shop Concealer

You need to check out @theBodyShopCA for a great concealer in colours that actually look like skin. You know that something is good when you can finish it all up and you buy more.  On that same note, how much do we love a concealer that blends easily with your fingers but stays on the […]

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