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Though I’ve been quite diligent when it comes to wearing sunscreen this summer, somehow a short walk to the grocery store resulted in a wee bit of skin darkening. The next day I realized that the Lancome foundation that I had been wearing on and off (and which was doing a swell job of controlling […]

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Canadian Beauty news: June 22, 2007

It’s been an exciting week here at Canadian Beauty – there’s a new look to the site and it’s not quite perfect yet, so we’re still fiddling with it. I’ve received feedback from quite a few of you this week saying that you like the new look and I’m glad – I like it too! […]

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Olay Quench Therapy Skin Repair Concentrate

You know what I’m going to use to help my feet get ready for summer sandals? Of course, it’s a never-fail product from the Quench line, this time the Quench Therapy Skin Repair Concentrate. I love every body care item from this line and this one is no exception. Now, if you’re using this on […]

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Mother’s Day Body Shop Scrub

When it comes to picking out Mother’s Day gifts, it seems that The Body Shop is almost a natural place to go – they have lovely baskets and their scents are traditional so it’s easy to find something that isn’t too “out there” or potentially offensive. You can also pick products to put in packages […]

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Body Shop Concealer

The Body Shop actually has foundations and face products in great colours even if their range not be the biggest on the market. I picked up their concealer stick when I tried it on in a store and found that it matched my skin perfectly. The best part is that their makeup line has been […]

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Clean Your Brushes

It’s May 1st today which means that it’s time for me to clean my brushes. Experts recommend that you should give your brushes a thorough cleaning every 4-6 weeks, so I just clean mine at the beginning of every month. Have you cleaned your brushes recently?

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Herbal Essences Clarifying Shampoo

I was going to write about Herbal Essences much earlier, but I’m glad I waited because today I got the best response ever: “Hey, your hair smells nice today!” “Really?” “Yeah, what is that, Herbal Essences?” “Actually, it is Herbal Essences!” This came after I used their shampoo and conditioner. Their scent together wasn’t too […]

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Canadian Beauty News: April 20, 2007

Well the weather here in Toronto has warmed up a little, and summer cosmetic collections are on their way, but unfortunately not much has hit the counters yet on this side of the border. Here’s a rundown of what’s new in stores and fresh on the shelves: New Nail Polish:OPI’s new summer collection has been […]

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Body Shop Lip Butter

The first time that I tried the Body Shop Lip Butters, I found that they were a gritty oily mess and so never went to their area of the store ever again. Then recently as I was looking through some of their newer products, I decided to try on the Grapefruit Lip Butter since it […]

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Take the Plunge – How to Apply Makeup

Lately, I’ve been asked by a few people to tell them how they can start wearing makeup. So, for them, and for anyone else who might be wondering, here are a few tips on easy methods to incorporate cosmetics into your daily getting ready routine. To begin, by no means am I saying that you […]

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