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Herbal Essences Clarifying Shampoo

I was going to write about Herbal Essences much earlier, but I’m glad I waited because today I got the best response ever: “Hey, your hair smells nice today!” “Really?” “Yeah, what is that, Herbal Essences?” “Actually, it is Herbal Essences!” This came after I used their shampoo and conditioner. Their scent together wasn’t too […]

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Body Shop Lip Butter

The first time that I tried the Body Shop Lip Butters, I found that they were a gritty oily mess and so never went to their area of the store ever again. Then recently as I was looking through some of their newer products, I decided to try on the Grapefruit Lip Butter since it […]

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A Girl’s Best Friend

Seriously, y’all, clarifying shampoos are a girl’s best friend. If you’re ever going through a time when you feel that your hair is looking a little lifeless and lusterless, just use a shampoo that claims to take a lot of gunk out of your hair. Your hair might be a little frizzier because there’s nothing […]

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Notes from Behind the Runway at L’Oreal Fashion Week

I thought I’d talk about some obversations that I made while I was backstage at L’Oreal Fashion Week! Firstly, the models’ skin was almost always prepped for makeup with moisturizer. Almost without exception, the makeup team used L’Oreal Happyderm Moisturizer. They used sponges to apply foundation. True Match concealer was used both under the eyes […]

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This season, it seems that the sartorialists of the world have decided to tackle a problem that has long irritated them: people who wear woollen winter coats but haven’t bothered to snip that little piece of thread that holds together the vent at the back. Some members of the fashion police carry tiny pairs of […]

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Take Care of Those Cuticles

One of the things that usually lies on my desk come winter time is Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme. Be forewarned: it smells just like Neocitron, a scent that I hate. To me, Neocitron doesn’t taste like lemons which is a taste I think I would like. Instead, it tastes like what I imagine […]

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Lush Shampoo Bars

I’ve mentioned that Lush’s Soak and Float Bar is a great dandruff shampoo, but the fact is that I’m a fan of all their shampoo bars. I notice that these bars clean well but don’t dry my hair out and they all smell so original! Some of you may be concerned that a bar shampoo […]

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Um, That’s Not Snow…

Yes, I am talking about dandruff today. I realize that it’s a taboo subject in beauty circles, but we all suffer from it at some point in our lives. It’s either from the cold weather, or from stress, or using a shampoo that’s not great for our scalp. I, myself, once decided to remedy the […]

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Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel

The winter season is upon us and although it hasn’t been too cold here in Canada until recently, indoor heating can lead to dry skin. For us darker girls, that means visibly flaking skin which, if left untreated, looks horrible when you’re wearing those black tights that are so popular these days. Finding a moisturizer […]

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Dark Eye + Nude Lip

This is a picture of the beautiful Eva Longoria and I just had to post it. This is how a dark eye design is supposed to be done. Notice the pale pale lipcolour and the addition of blush on the cheeks to make her look healthy. The dark eye paired with the nude lip colour […]

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