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Dark Eye + Nude Lip

This is a picture of the beautiful Eva Longoria and I just had to post it. This is how a dark eye design is supposed to be done. Notice the pale pale lipcolour and the addition of blush on the cheeks to make her look healthy. The dark eye paired with the nude lip colour […]

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I Read the Ingredients on the Bottle (And Why You Should Too)

When I was in India, I came across a brand of cosmetics that claimed to be chock full of natural ingredients. Intrigued, I perused some of the offerings for their body care line and saw a sunscreen lotion. Like I usually do, I turned the bottle over and scanned the ingredients list. Would you believe […]

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Canadian Beauty News: January 9, 2007

I have a few tidbits to share so here we go! First: are you lusting after the Spring 2007 Chanel collection? Well, here’s a hint – just because it’s not on display doesn’t mean that you can’t buy it. A trip to Holt Renfrew had the Sales Associate leading me behind the counter and opening […]

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This weekend, Arpan and I talked about putting concealer under our eyes. We both agreed that on darker skin tones, using a lighter shade of concealer isn’t always a great idea since that’s now how the area under our eyes is naturally. Naturally, on brown skins, that area is the same colours as the rest […]

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Foundation Trick

A little while ago, I had a tv appearance and had my makeup done by a makeup artist hired by the studio. Now, I don’t know her name but she had worked on movies and tv shows before, but she was still relatively young. The studio where the TV show was being shot preferred the […]

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Tips from a Makeup Artist

A friend of mine, Arpan, is a make-up artist in Toronto and these are some of her tips for looking your best everyday! First things first, have you ever heard that no woman should ever go out of her house without wearing lipstick? OK, that is my number one pet peeve! Would putting lipstick on […]

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Face Care Tips

Recently I’ve run into a few people with pretty serious looking acne. What made me write this post was that none of these people were going through puberty – in fact they were all in their 20’s, a time when your face care regimen should be established to take care of anything from dry skin […]

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