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Kate by Kate Moss

I’ve finally had a chance to sniff the new Kate Moss fragrance. I had high expectations from this one because it’s widely known that Kate likes to wear Penhaligon’s Bluebells, which is a captivating and very British scent. Unlike the illusive Penhaligon’s, Kate Moss’s Kate is available easily at the department store or drugstore, though […]

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Lloyd You Slay Me

A scene from Entourage, Season 4, Episode 9 (Gary’s Desk) Ari: What’s that smell? Lloyd: It’s Issey Miyake, her favourite scent. I’m wearing it as a subtle, subliminal show of our support. The “her” in Lloyd’s sentence is referring to Mary J. Blige. I don’t know whether that really is her favourite scent or whether […]

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Top Model Makeup

Top model Coco Rocha says that she’s going to be wearing a darker shade of lipstick come fall. This she tells to Style.com. Let’s just take a minute to picture this top model walking into Sephora and sorting through all the lipsticks until she finds her favorite. Perhaps Ms. Rocha will be sporting her lipstick […]

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As Seen on TV

Television makeup is always fun for me to look at. I’ve told you before about the makeup on The Hills and if you haven’t seen the season 3 trailer yet for that show, you can watch it here. The show resumes on August 13th. Every time I watch that show, I feel like I need […]

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Costume Institute Gala 2007: Molly Sims

I don’t know what to say except I don’t like it. She reminds me of that horrible look that Charlize Theron was sporting at the Oscars a few years back. She looks washed out and her lipstick matches her dress – a definite no-no. Her eyeshadow is the same colour as her hair and in […]

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Costume Institute Gala 2007: Liv Tyler

Personally, I think that the red lip is overrated, but I couldn’t help but love this one on Liv Tyler. Her red is more orangy. Because of the brilliant colour of her dress, anything else would have made the dress the center of attention. With her mouth now the focus, both she and the dress […]

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Costume Institute Gala 2007: Shalom Harlow

This is Shalom Harlow with Viktor and Rolf. Do I love her makeup? No. Am I telling you to go out and get this lipstick? mmmm, maybe? The point is that there’s a trend here: goth. Don’t follow this one if you want to look pretty.

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Costume Institute Gala 2007: Lindsay Lohan

Though I didn’t love her dress, I did like Lindsay’s simple makeup. She went for a classic smokey eye, but it’s not at all overdone or elaborate. It really just looks like they smudged one dark shadow on her eyelids and followed with a nude lipcolour. Take notes because this is a look that’s so […]

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Costume Institute Gala 2007: Cate Blanchett

Everyone was talking about Cate Blanchett and her beautiful dress this year, but some say that her face looked a little scary. The problem? The brown eyeshadow around her eyes, which I suppose was meant to coordinate with the colour of her dress. The one thing that we can learn from this is that brown […]

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Costume Institute Gala 2007: Makeup Hits and Misses

Why look to celebs dressed for a night out, one might ask. More often than not, their makeup is professionally done anyhow, and their looks might be difficult to replicate. Well, besides the fact that it’s fun, and although makeup artists are for the most part well-trained experts, mistakes do happen and sometimes, what looks […]

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