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Costume Institute Gala 2007: Makeup Hits and Misses

Why look to celebs dressed for a night out, one might ask. More often than not, their makeup is professionally done anyhow, and their looks might be difficult to replicate. Well, besides the fact that it’s fun, and although makeup artists are for the most part well-trained experts, mistakes do happen and sometimes, what looks […]

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Scarlett Nails

Behold a recent picture of Scarlett Johansson, who, it seems, can do no wrong. Overall, I think her look is a little off. The peach blush just below the apples instead of on them, the matching eyeshadow and lipstick, the blonde hair and the dark dark brows – the whole thing makes one wonder whether […]

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The Hills: Lauren’s Makeup

I have been suffering from some serious Hills withdrawal ever since the season ended (yes, the show is such a guilty pleasure) and I was watching season 1 again when I noticed that in one of the episodes, Lauren was doing her makeup and they had close-ups of her makeup bag! Check out the screen […]

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Canadian Beauty News: April 13, 2007

This is an exciting week for Canadian Beauty news! I have so much to report! The most exciting news first! Starting TODAY April 13th and going until May 13th Proctor and Gamble is running the Look Fab Studio at 33 Bloor Street East. The Studio is like a pop-up booth that are all the rage […]

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Jennifer Lopez

I came across this picture of Jennifer Lopez and had to post it. Her hair and makeup look flawless (and yes, there are times when it doesn’t). She’s wearing false lashes, of course, but what I love is that her eye is smoky but not. There’s definitely a lot of drama going on there, with […]

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Celebrity Products

I admit it. I occasionally read gossip blogs. Reading them is like going through a picture book – tons of great photos without a lot of writing. The attraction to them is similar to that of a bag of m&m’s. You know they’re full of empty calories but they’re oh-so-hard to resist! Anyway, last week […]

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Dark Eye + Nude Lip

This is a picture of the beautiful Eva Longoria and I just had to post it. This is how a dark eye design is supposed to be done. Notice the pale pale lipcolour and the addition of blush on the cheeks to make her look healthy. The dark eye paired with the nude lip colour […]

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