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Dior Holiday 2016 Splendor Collection Eyeshadow Palettes

Dior’s Holiday 2016 is here, and it’s a supremely glam collection that incorporates lots of great detailing that puts you into the holiday spirit. My favourite things have to be the eyeshadow palettes.  Below is palette  776 which is a range of purples with a gold accent shade, and a shimmering white highlighting shade.  Although […]

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Hits and Misses from Dior’s Fall 2016 Makeup

Ok, this season, I’ve decided to do a hits and misses list… I love Dior makeup but like most makeup collections, there are lots of products I’m going to be using non-stop and lots that I’m not going to even touch. Here’s one Hit from the collection: Dior Fix It Colour 2-in-1 Prime and Colour Correct. […]

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Video! Sneak Peek: Dior Summer Collection

Take a sneak peek at Dior’s Summer collection!  Inspired by Polka Dots, it has sweet peach shades for lips, nails, and cheeks as well as some pops of colour.  Like, subscribe and share and leave me a comment if you want other videos! Diorskin Nude Air Glow Powder. Dior Addict Ultra Gloss.  Dior Addict Milky […]

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6 Best Lip Products

Lipgloss, lipstick, lip balm – whatever your preference, it’s safe to say that you never leave home without it, have lots of it stashed in your car, your purse, your desk, and are constantly on the lookout for something better, brighter, more “you”.  Here are my favourite lip products right now – check them out, […]

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Dior Spring 2016 Glowing Gardens Collection

Dior’s spring collection makes a case for the big trends of this season: major highlight, light pink and light blue nail polish, pink eyeshadow, and a glowing lip. If you’re into highlighter, you’re going to love the Dior Nude Air Illuminating Powder ($58).  Available in 001 and 002, the first is a pale pink while […]

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Obsessed With: Dior J’Adore Touche de Parfum

So I haven’t really written a perfume review in a long long time, because I’ve been trying to use less scents, and honestly, there hasn’t been anything spectacular that’s really caught my eye. Until now. This holiday season, Dior has come out with J’Adore Touche de Parfum which is a new scented oil meant to […]

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Fall’s Nail: Dior Hypnotic

This fall’s nail is dark but not too dark.  I’ve been using Dior’s Hypnotic pretty consistently – it’s a nice change from the deep dark reds that normally go to and a bit of brown is so in right now. I really love Dior’s nail polishes because they always deliver pigmentation, shine, and staying power […]

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Launching This September: Dior “Fix It” 2-in-1 Prime & Conceal Stick

I’m kind of all about concealer these days and if you’re too tired/busy/lazy to put on a full face of makeup, then a good concealer is all you need.  You can use it to spot conceal blemishes, but I also use it as a kind of foundation, applying bits to the highest points of my […]

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Dior’s Cool New Brow Gel

If you’re into doing your brows (and really… most of us should be), you’ll know that if you’re in a hurry it can be a time suck to fill them in and then apply a wax or gel on top.  It’s the right way to do your brows, but you’re not thinking of that when you’re […]

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I’m Finally On Board: Dior Addict Fluid Stick

I don’t know how it happens but when there’s a new innovation in beauty, it seems that all the brands are able to jump on board at the same time, even if they’re not owned by the same parent company.  Last year, the innovation was lip glosses that go on feeling like water and then […]

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