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Get Fresh with Dove

I have been using Dove’s Go Fresh Burst line of products and they are fantastic! I smell like nectarine and white ginger and is perfect for the summer. My favourite product is the deodorant because it’s a nice change from the baby powder scent that I usually wear. This line is great because you can […]

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Dove Hair Care

Recently, I have been test driving some hair care products from Dove! I have been using the Dove Heat Defy Shampoo and Conditioner, and although I was a little skeptical about going back to a drugstore line of products I really loved this shampoo and conditioner. Although I couldn’t see the results right away later […]

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Fresh Scents from Dove

It’s the weather! It’s the month! We are obsessed with uber-fresh scents these days. I am craving the fruity, the fun, the scintillating, and am avoiding all the heavy perfumes I loved. Today there’s nothing nicer to me than the scent of my own deodorant. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I’m rotating between Dove’s […]

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Dove Cream Oil Body Wash

I just finished using Dove’s Cream Oil Body Wash. I liked it. It wasn’t the most moisturizing body wash that I’ve ever used, but it was moisturizing and I really loved the supremely creamy texture. Pick a scent you love – a little bit goes a long way.

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Dove Cool Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

I’ve been using the Dove Cool Moisture Shampoo for the last little while and I like it! The shampoo does feel cooling as you rub it into your head and the cucumber scent is one that’s easy to love. I also like that it’s kind of clarifying and doesn’t leave a residue in your hair. […]

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The Dove Self-Esteem Fund

Time to drop your lipsticks, ladies, here’s another campaign that’s definitely worth paying attention to: the Dove Self-Esteem Fund. (DSEF) Now, I know that Dove already gets a lot of flak for their Real Beauty campaigns – for some the messages are mixed. Are the ads telling us that it’s not ok to want to […]

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Great Moisturizer

I have been a fan of Dove’s Intensive Nourishing Lotion for a long time. The lotion feels light and thin in your hands but don’t be fooled! It’s actually a heavy duty lotion and its moisturizing benefits really do last and last. The scent is soft as well and that’s always a plus. I’m not […]

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