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What Kind of Exfoliant Do You Use?

If you exfoliate on a regular basis, you have got to read this article.  The UK (and maybe Europe) has banned the use of plastics in exfoliants, but not North America… could you imagine?  Many high end brands do use natural exfoliants, but they’re still pretty easy to run into.  What do you guys think? […]

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St. Ives – the Most Used Exfoliator?

Over dinner with a couple of friends a little while ago, I was surprised to hear that they both thought that there was a major oversight on this blog. There’s one product that both of them use and had used for many years, and I hadn’t mentioned: St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Of course, I was […]

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L’Occitane’s Mud Mask Brings in the Clean

I love multi-tasking products, and this one works quite well.  It’s a mask, a scrub, and best of all I can use it in the shower and still get the full benefits from using it. L’Occitane’s Face Scrub Mud, is part of their Olive Oil range of products but that shouldn’t discourage those of you […]

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Dead Sea Salt Scrubs from The Healing Bath

By Rachel Longo-Tosoian A few weeks ago, I was representing my place of employment at the Oakville Waterfront Festival. During one of my breaks, I decided to go and check out some of the vendors that were present. I came across a booth called The Healing Bath that deals primarily with Dead Sea salt scrubs. […]

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Fresh for the Summer

Now that it’s properly summer, it’s time to switch over to formulations that are light and fresh instead of being creamy, and in this regard Marcelle’s Hydra-C Complex Facial Exfoliating Gel fits the bill. Like its name says, the exfoliator is a gel with little scrubby bits in it. It’s great for using every day […]

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Product Body Sugarfoot Scrub

My scrub review continues today with a look at the Product Body Sugarfoot Foot Scrub. If you haven’t tried anything by Product Body you really must. The products are made by hand and fresh, and they have a small number of ingredients in them which makes them truly fantastic because it means that you don’t […]

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Biotherm Rides Repair

Biotherm has a new line of products out called Rides Repair. They are anti-aging products for the over-35 set. There’s a serum that’s lovely and light, and the creams a lovely and thick. My favourite product though is the Biotherm Rides Repair Instant Polish. It’s a super-creamy scrub that has a lot of scrubbing particles […]

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Aloette Green Tea & Mint Body Scrub

Aloette Spa Indulgence Green Tea and Mint Exfoliating Body Polish is perfect for the summer because it smells so refreshing! This is a great scrub to use everyday because the scrubbing particles are so small and they’re in a nice creamy base that washes off cleanly. These scrubs also come in a pack of three, […]

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Scrub It Off

I love a good scrub and now that summer is almost here, we all want our skin looking extra-flawless. Scrubbing regularly is the best way to help you get there – it’s best after a long winter and before a nice hot summer. I know that although scrubs run out so quickly and aren’t necessarily […]

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Trillium – best scrub ever?

Although Mother’s Day is a ways away, there are a couple of products I feel I should tell you about now, because they’re ones that you might want to order online for your mother. When I think of what mom’s like, I think of pampering and luxury, but things also have to be quick and […]

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