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Head to the Savanna with Lise Watier

Spring collections can be hit or miss. They can either be too vibrant or too soft to be of any use to a girl that wants to vary her makeup routine. This spring Lise Watier has a collection out called Savanna Dream. The product you have to check out is the Savanna Dream eyeshadow quartet. […]

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Mac’s Electro Flash

by Jenna Rocca This new collection features some new tinted lipglasses and lipstick by MAC in some excellent neutrals and pinks, complemented by fierce mineral eyeshadow duos that really make the eyes pop. The lipglass has Johoba in it and is super-soft, promising to have long wear as well. The lipstick features MAC’s original, famous […]

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The Basics

What you see here is a picture of an eyeshadow trio that I’ve come to use on a regular basis. It’s by Annabelle, and the colours are such that they go with absolutely anything and everything. Good quality eye shadow, and lasts a really long time even without a primer.

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Bits of Sparkles

I have a thing for new textures and I’m smitten with MAC’s Solar Bits from the Solar Field collection. My favourite colour is Black Ore which you see below. It’s a dark shimmery metallic and the texture is as if water was melded with pigment so that it sticks together. Put a bit on your […]

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Remember those pops of colour I told you about? Well Lise Watier serves them up in eyeshadow quads from its summer collection called Toscana. We have Terre on the one hand that has shades of green in it. While Mer features a lovely bright blue. But Henna, I hear you complain, I can’t pull off […]

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I See It Every Year

I see it every year. Retailers get us. They know that in the summer, it’s all about quick and easy makeup that has a certain amount of lasting power. All those picnics, barbeques, and the occasional wait at the bus stop or blizted A.C. doesn’t necessarily mean well for makeup and so we want something […]

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Nars Eyeshadow Duo

You asked for more coverage on Nars products, so here it is! I actually own three Nars blushes, yes three! Orgasm, Sin, and Desire. I like them all, but I find that I always come back to Sin. It’s the perfect berry colour because it has gold shimmer in it. My recent acquisition is a […]

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New York Fashion Week – Alexandre Herchcovitch

Yesterday I told you that Fall 2008 would be all about pops of colour. The lips would be stained with shades of cerise, plum, berry, and wine. The beauty of a stain is that it’s very difficult to mess up and is so natural looking that it suits everyone! The colour doesn’t have to be […]

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Duwop Payoff Hullabaloo

There has been a great deal of fuss over Duwop’s Payoff on Makeupalley message boards. (If you’ve never been to the site, check it out, it’s a must visit for any makeup lover). A member posted a picture of eyeshadow using Duwop Payoff and without using the product. The swatch that had used Payoff was […]

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MAC MetalX

MAC MetalX line has been out for a week now, and the highlights are the cream shadows. These shadows have the texture of mousse and provide intense colour, only the way a MAC product can. What I love about the shadow is that a little goes a long way. Favourite way to use it? As […]

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