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Fresh Sugar Ruby Romance Gift Set

…time to get back to a little bit of gifting advice. A little while ago, I wrote about Fresh’s new Sugar Ruby hydrating tinted lip balm, and if you were thinking of trying that out for yourself or someone else in your life, why not just pick up this Ruby Romance gift set. It contains […]

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5 Favourite High End Beauty Products

Hey Everyone, I made this video for those of you who want to know where they should spend money on high-end products!  I hope you like it.  I’d also love to know what your favourite high-end products are so leave me your suggestions in the comments.

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Fresh Sugar Cravings Kissing Trio Gift Set

Truth be told, I’m so tempted to keep this little gift all for myself, but it’s going to someone who could use something luxurious and special. You get these three little Sugar Lip Treatments in the original clear version, the Berry tint, and the Plum tint.  It’s a great way to show someone that you […]

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New! Fresh Sugar Ruby Tint

Ok, so everyone knows that you need Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment products in the winter because they’re the only things that can really hold up to super dry and super cold weather.  I will have them on hand for the next six months (um, yes, that’s how long this winter is going to last) and […]

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Body Oil by Marie Veronique Organics

If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of, it’s body oil, especially when it smells like roses. My latest find is Marie Veronique Organics Rose & Neroli Body Oil ($82) which can be found on FreshFaced.ca. The reason I love body oils (instead of lotions) is because they glide on better and seem to […]

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New Fresh Peony Brightening Line

Fresh has a new line of brightening products that promise to deliver on reducing sunspots and generally helping skin become more clear. The line includes: the Peony Brightening Night Treatment Mask ($76), the Peony Spot-Correcting Brightening Essence ($76), and a Peony Brightening UV Shield SPF 50 ($76) to keep those pesky discolorations at bay. Of […]

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Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask

Obviously, it’s easy not to roll your eyes when you read “instant” on something, but then you have a day when you are so tired, and you know you don’t look your best, and it’s the “instant” catches your eye, and so you think “what the heck, it can’t hurt”. And then you apply this […]

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Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue Review

In this extremely dry weather, I’m reaching for anything that might give my lips a bit of relief, and that’s why I ripped into a package of Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue.  Said to provide “medicated care” and 12+ hours of hydration to my lips, I couldn’t wait to try this. Unfortunately, this left my […]

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Thursday 30: Best of 2013

This year, Wynzie and I worked together on the “best of 2013” list and truth be told we kind of had a hard time finding products that we really loved and were still using.   Of course, there was no denying the products that are on the list – we  wouldn’t part with them for anything! We […]

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Fresh Life Eau de Parfum

This winter, Fresh launches a brand new fragrance: Life eau de parfum. In keeping with the rest of Fresh’s lineup and overall aesthetic, this perfume is, of course, fresh and easy to wear, although it seems more floral than what they have already. Opening notes are strongly citrus: velvet bergamot, vanilla grass, and dreamy cypress. […]

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