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Currently Using: Joico Color Balance Shampoo and Conditioner

I wish I had known about Color Balance a long time ago.  My naturally warm hair, which I now color regularly, has a tendency to get orange or even reddish really quick.  Literally a few shampoos after dying my hair, I could see the orange tones kind of come out. Actually, when I mentioned them […]

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Joico Tint Shot Root Concealer

…where has this product been my whole life?  Seriously, if you colour your hair at home and dont’ have a ton of greys, this is a game changer and when you have little children and not enough time, it’s a total life saver. Basically, the tint Shot Root Concealer is like a targeted tinted dry […]

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The Softest Hair Ever Thanks to Joico

There’s no doubt that no matter what climate you’re in, the fall months mean dryer weather which can inevitably mean dryer hair and skin. On the quest to really give my hair some TLC, I turned to Joico’s K-PAK line which promises to rebuild, reconstruct, and strengthen damaged hair. After a couple of weeks of […]

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$ vs. $$$: Hair Gloss

The latest in hair styling products is a new gel-type product that has virtually no stickiness and is super light in the hold department. As it happens, my favourite hair care brand, Shu Uemura has its version – Touch of Gloss Hair Wax but at $42 it’s kind of pricy. Joico (also a salon brand) […]

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Summer Saviour from Joico

Kids I am still surprised that some people haven’t bought into the whole “dry shampoo” business.  A friend of mine gets her hair done weekly and her biggest gripe is that she can’t get her hairstyle to last longer.  Does she use dry shampoo?  “I don’t know, I’ve thought about it…” she says, “do they […]

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Joico K-PAK Quadraion PRO-Dryer Review

This year, Joico came out with its own hair dryer so that they could help people get healthier hair than they thought they could get with a hair dryer.  I’ve been test-driving it, and I’m going to say that I’m ditching my old T3 hair dryer and using this instead. The science behind this hair […]

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Hairspray for a Cause

Joico is joining the efforts to find a cure for breast cancer, and they’re offering two of their most popular products as duos.  The JoiMist Firm Classic and JoiWhip are being offered in packages of 2 for $30 which is a 25% savings on the regular price. Joico is donating $10,000 to the Canadian Breast […]

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Review: Joico Moisture Recovery Leave-in Moisturizer for dry hair

Joico Moisture Recovery leave-in Moisturizer contains a combination of hydramine sea complex, quadramine complex and jojoba oil. The first thing I noticed was the scent, which was delicious. Imagine lying on a freshly washed, just out of the dryer, blanket, at the beach on the most perfect, cloudless summer day. That’s what this leave-in moisturizer […]

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Fantastic Drugstore Gifts

We are loving Joico shampoo and conditioners in a big way this year. They have managed to seriously rehab our super dry hair and that’s just when we use them in the washing and conditioning stage alone! That’s why this season, we recommend picking up their gift packs from the drugstore at this time of […]

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4 Ways To Get Healthier Hair

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that when it comes to taking care of your hair, it’s better to be pro-active than to regret damage that comes later. I’m all about the conditioning and the masks, so here are my tips for getting healthier hair: 1. Use a pre-conditioner. La Coupe’s Overnight Repair treatment […]

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