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Fragrant Friday: Kenzo World Eau de Parfum

Fragrance powerhouse Kenzo has a new perfume on the market this month, and it’s called World.  The packaging is to die.  The bottle looks like a lidded eye with a rose gold pupil hanging down in the center of the eye.  Far from being literally an eye, the concept is that this could be a […]

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Kenzo Flower Tag Review

Kenzo Flower Tag is the latest flanker for the original and iconic Kenzo Flower perfume.  The “Tag” refers to the underground graffiti artist practice of “tagging” which is leaving your symbol everywhere.  Why Kenzo felt that this particular sub-culture reference might appeal to younger women is beyond me. However, I actually like the idea of […]

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Kenzo Hands and Feet Fantasy Kit

If there’s one thing that I am obsessed with in the winter, it’s a good hand cream, and I find any excuse I can to use it. If there’s one thing that I need in the winter, it’s foot cream, but unfortunately in those matters, I find that I can be rather lazy. And then […]

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Flower By Kenzo La Cologne

For the summer, Kenzo has reformulated Flower into a cologne format. The original was an eau de parfum, and although I loved it, I could really only bear it in small doses, and most often on other people rather than on myself. The La Cologne has me hooked, however because I can use it more […]

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Kenzoki Perfumed Beneficial Waters

If you’ve ever used Kenzo skincare products, you know that they put so much thought into not only how well each product works but also how it smells and what effect that smell will have on your mood and overall well-being. If you’ve ever wanted to smell like a Kenzo beauty product, you’re in luck.  […]

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Product Recommendations

I wanted to share the products that I recommended to my friends at the spa party I held recently. I have to say that I was surprised that some of my friends just weren’t aware of all the great brands available at their local Sephora, like Ojon, Urban Decay, and Canada’s own Cargo! So many […]

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A Lovely Gift For Your Hubby

When you’re giving gifts to your significant other, it’s important to get something that you’re going to like as well!  That’s why I’m going to turn your attention towards Kenzo – they make the best fragrances on the market, and I am really loving their latest: Kenzo Power Cologne. Seriously folks, I’m finding that this […]

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A Remedy for Dry Skin (by Kenzo!)

As much as I love fall clothes and the whole makeup look, my skin (despite being oily) just can’t take the winter. It gets really dry and when that happens, it starts flaking which looks terrible. My solution this season has been to splurge a bit and use Kenzo’s Belle de Jour on my skin. […]

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Fall Scent Trend: Rose Notes

I would have to say that my most favourite floral fragrance note is that of the Rose. I know that it reminds some people of grandmothers, or of a stuffier era, but to me it’s timeless and beautiful. It always reminds me of pure luxury and nothing else. The scent of a rose should be […]

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Kenzo Amour Florale

This summer, Kenzo has come out with a flanker to its iconic hit Kenzo Amour. The Kenzo Amour Florale is meant to a be a fresher alternative to the heady deep Kenzo Amour. There’s still a musky base to the scent, but the heart smells more floral, with a mixture of rose and gardenia. The […]

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