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Kerastase Elixer Ultime Review

Kerastase’s Elixer Ultime is a new groundbreaking product in the world of hair serums. This is the first one that’s made from a combination of oils but works just like a normal serum. It is completely silicone free, which means that breakage and brittle hair due to build up is a thing of a past. […]

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The Chronologiste Ritual by Kerastase

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the beautiful SFM Salon and Spa in downtown Calgary to receive the Chronologiste treatment by Kerastase. A tiny note about SFM before I tell you about the treatment. This is definitely one of the nicest salons I’ve ever been to. It’s large and spacious with a generous […]

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Kerastase Gelee Moisturizes My Hair

Kerastase products are super expensive but they can do no wrong. Without exception, I have loved every single product I’ve used and this winter, I’m adding their Gelée d’Huile Oléo-Curl to my roster of hair moisturizers.  This mask leaves my parched curls super moisturized and they look glossier than ever. Seriously, if there’s one upgrade […]

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Kerastase Chroma Protect Gives Me Shine

I know, I know, I talk about Kerastase products all the time, but the thing is, I have yet to try a product that didn’t really work for me. I’ve pretty much used up my Kerastase Chroma Protect styling cream, and so I have to tell you about it. The texture is watery and non-greasy, […]

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Kerastase Serum Oleo-Relax Helps Me Relax

I’ve already written about Kerastase’s styling products – I’ve loved all the ones I’ve tried, and I really think that this is one line that you can’t go wrong with. Most recently, I’ve been using their Serum Oleo-Relax, which is the less-intensive of the hair serums they offer. Right off the bat, I noticed that […]

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Does Your Hair Need Kerastase?

Here’s the deal: over the past few years, I’ve been lucky enough to try tons and tons different brands of everything. The expensive products work and are well-formulated but are they worth it? Lately, I’ve been taking the Kerastase Nutritive Shampoo and Conditioner for a spin, and though they’re great products that leave my hair […]

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Celebrity Products

I admit it. I occasionally read gossip blogs. Reading them is like going through a picture book – tons of great photos without a lot of writing. The attraction to them is similar to that of a bag of m&m’s. You know they’re full of empty calories but they’re oh-so-hard to resist! Anyway, last week […]

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The Curl Ambassadors

Last week, it was time for some pampering. Hair pampering that is. The thing is that I have long curly hair and I wanted to go to a place that knew it well and could take care of it. So I thought I would try a new salon that a friend had told me about […]

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