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Karl Lagerfeld’s Just Like Us!

Harper’s Bazaar just did a day in the life of Kaiser Karl.  If you’ve ever watched a Karl Lagerfeld documentary, you know that he’s a major hoarder.  There is neat organized clutter everywhere in his home – magazines, books, more multiples than one can use of anything and everything.  I guess if you’re the man […]

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La Mer The Oil Absorbing Lotion Review

When you consider expensive skin care products, the line between need and want gets blurred.  This definitely applies to La Mer’s The Oil Absorbing Lotion, because of course you need a product that can absorb oil, but do you need one that costs over $200? What if it was the best oil absorbing lotion you’ve […]

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World Oceans Day Creme de la Mer

Because La Mer uses special ocean water in their products, it’s only fitting that they ‘celebrate’ World Oceans Day today! To support the oceans, La Mer offers a LE 100ml Creme de La Mer in an ocean-inspired jar which is beautiful. It will also make a $200,000 donation fo Oceana to support Habitat Protection, and […]

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La Mer The Radiant Serum Review

La Mer’s latest launch is The Radiant serum which is meant for skin that’s in need of some TLC because of scarring and hyperpigmentation. The serum claims to make skin more even and – well – radiant! I was told that since I loved my AHA products because they leave my skin so smooth, I […]

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3 Lessons from Backstage at Fashion Week

After Fashion Week, I always get a little bit obsessed with doing my makeup in a more professional manner.  The makeup artists backstage make it look so easy, and even though I’m not a professional, there are some things that can help your makeup technique.  Here are some lessons I’ve learned: 1. Work in sheer […]

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La Mer Partners with Oceana

A piece of news fitting for the times landed on my desk – La Mer is partnering with Oceana, which is “the world’s leading international ocean advocacy organization.”  La Mer is donating $200 000 to the foundation, and will be selling blue bottles of Creme de la Mer to show the brand’s commitment to the […]

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Creme de la Mer Regenerating Serum

Creme de la Mer has come out with their new Regenerating Serum this month, and I’ve been using it in conjunction with ProActiv (which I said I was not able to use daily). The Regenerating Serum says that it will diminish the look of wrinkles and pores making your skin look clearer and younger. The […]

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Winter Beauty Splurge

Ah! Can I just say that I am really sick of applying and re-applying lip gloss to keep my super dry lips hydrated? I try to change the colours up every week and play with different textures, but it’s the constant onslaught of dry weather that keeps my lips feeling chapped no matter what I […]

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Dry Skin Savers

We know that the changing weather can wreak havoc on your skin, so we’ve rounded up our favourite products to save dry skin.  We chose these products because they’re suitable for all skin-types, and won’t clog pores at all.  Best of all, they are products that provide long-lasting moisturization. The first couple of products we […]

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La Mer’s Newest Product

If you like all things luxury, then head over to the La Mer counter to check out their latest product: it’s something that’s perfect for the winter, if you want to get rid of dry skin and prevent it altogether. The product is The Hydrating Facial and it’s a cloth mask that you lay on […]

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