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Friends, the mascara that I’m loving right now is Hypnose Drama by Lancome. I find that it works so well for me, because I do love a mascara that provides a lot of volume and this definitely does. The formula … Continue reading

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Lancome Magnifique

I loved this perfume, but I don’t know if I still have it.  Need to declutter my perfume collection! Take a look: The beautiful bottle that you see below is for Lancome’s fragrance, Magnifique. The bottle itself is heavy glass … Continue reading

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Lancome La Base Pro

If you find that your foundation doesn’t go on as smoothly as you’d like, then what you need is a makeup primer!  While some can be mattifying, there’s Lancome’s version, called La Base Pro, which is more of an intense … Continue reading

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From the Archives – Maharani Jewels from Lancome

From the archives:  Maharani Jewels is a gorgeous collection of baubles filled with makeup. Check out the Lotus Splendour below. The pod below is beautiful on its own but it opens to reveal a collection of beautiful makeup colours. Two … Continue reading

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Lancome Hypnose Mascara

Though it wasn’t the first Lancome mascara I ever tried, (that was Defincils), Lancome’s Hypnose was the first Lancome mascara that I loved so much that I re-bought it. I still remember when it first came on the market, and … Continue reading

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Lancome L’Air de Teint Foundation Review

This @LancomeCanada foundation is from 2014 but it’s what I’m wearing right now. I layer it on top of a moisturizing sunscreen and the matte formula stays on my skin so well. This foundation is discontinued and the pump doesn’t … Continue reading

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From the Archives: Lancome Poudre Elephant

This is  Lancome’s Poudre Elephant from the Maharani Jewels Collection, this is your chance. The powder came with a gold sheen on top, which looked really pretty on the skin. Unfortunately, once you’ve swirled your brush in it twice, the … Continue reading

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From the Archives: L.U.C.I. from Lancome

A collection of products in packaging so unique that I’ve held on to it forever. The star product of the L.U.C.I. collection is a shell that holds two beautiful eyeshadows – one that provides a pop of colour and the … Continue reading

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Lancome Hypnose Eau de Parfum

I had never tried Lancome’s Hypnose but figured I should since a counter lady told me that it was one of their best-selling perfumes! The scent was offered in a limited edition Sheer version this summer. The top note of … Continue reading

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The Mystery Collection

Flashback to a beautiful makeup collection from @LancomeCanada – this was Fall 2007!  Anyone remember it? In just a few short weeks, the Lancome Mystery Collection will be on counters. I’ll just give you a minute to soak in the … Continue reading

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