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Lancome Skincare for Men

A few months ago, Lancome launched their new skincare products for Men. I walked by the displays several times and I was drawn to the packaging which is sleek glass jars and bottles that give the rest of the Lancome skincare a run for its money. I then asked a few of my male friends […]

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Lancome Thakoon Lipstick – Now Available!

Lancome’s Pout-a-Porter lipsticks are always widely anticipated by fashion and beauty lovers alike. For both it’s a chance to hold something from Fashion Week in your own hands. The Behnaz Red and the Proenza Pink might not have been for everyone, but here’s a shade that’s a little more universal: Thakoon’s Pixel Pink. Influenced by […]

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L.U.C.I. from Lancome

Of late, Lancome colour collections are ones to look forward to because they always include a couple of collectible pieces. The L.U.C.I. collection is no exception and it’s star product is a shell that holds two beautiful eyeshadows – one that provides a pop of colour and the other that gives a more subtle effect. […]

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Lancome Cream Blush

How do I keep running into cream blushes wherever I go? Lancome now has their own version and if you’ve avoided cream blushes before, then this is definitely for you. It’s soft and highly pigmented, and stays on your cheeks for a long time. I found that when I used this, I didn’t even need […]

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Lancome Platineum Eyes and Lips

I’d never before considered using a cream on my lips to moisturize them, but when Lancome came out with the Platineum Eyes and Lips Hydroxy(A) – Calcium Reinforcing Eye and Lip Contour Cream, I decided to trust the experts. This cream is unlike most eye creams that I’ve tried before because it is not at […]

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Daria Creates a Colour Collection for Lancome to Raise Money for Charity

Article from WWD.com. Published: Friday, November 09, 2007 Werbowy, Lancome Team Up for Charity By Julie Naughton Can you do well by doing good? That’s something Lancôme hopes will be the case with a limited edition color cosmetics collection created by one of its spokesmodels, Daria Werbowy. Out in April as a Sephora exclusive, the […]

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Preview of the Lancome Holiday Collection

Remember the Lancome Mystery Collection? How does a brand follow something so beautiful? With baubles of course. Here’s your preview of the Lancome Holiday Collection – Precious Light – which is scheduled to be released in a few short weeks. The ring below has a Swarovski Crystal on it and is filled with lipgloss. The […]

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Lancome Photogenic Sheer Pressed Powder

Leave it to Lancome to improve a staple. I have been using their Photogenic Sheer Pressed Powder and love it because it is one of the silkiest ones that I have ever tried. I use it with a powder brush and love that it’s so finely milled and because of that it goes on more […]

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I had never tried Lancome’s Hypnose but figured I should since a counter lady told me that it was one of their best-selling perfumes! The scent was offered in a limited edition Sheer version this summer. The top note of this scent didn’t rub me the right way, but I had already sprayed it directly […]

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Courbe Virtuose – Lancome’s Latest Mascara

I may have found the next mascara that’s “Holy Grail” material. (In case you’re unfamiliar with this term, Holy Grail is when you find something that’s the best of the best, always works for you, and a product that you would buy again and again. You could have a holy grail foundation, top coat, blush, […]

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