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Clinique Long Last Glosswear

I alluded to a few new Clinique launches a while ago, and as promised individual reviews of products from the summer collection are what you can expect now. Clinique now introduces Long Last Glosswear with spf 15. It’s a little sticky, it’s semi-sheer, and yes, it’s ultra long-lasting.Even if you don’t normally frequent the Clinique […]

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Estee Lauder Ultra Light Gloss

Estee Lauder introduced a new gloss as part of its spring collection – Ultra Light Gloss (shown in Sparkling Shell). If you hate sticky glosses, then this one is for you because it’s not even slightly tacky. The texture is actually slightly oily but the gloss does seem to stay on your lips. I will […]

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Maybelline Volume Seduction Lip Gloss

Maybelline Volume Seduction Lip Gloss is the strongest lip plumper I have ever tried. I am aware that some of you love that extreme minty feeling, and so if that’s you, pick up this gloss. I must say that the tube it comes in is super-chic too, so it definitely looks good coming out of […]

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Coastal Scents Glossi Glaze

Readers who have experimented with mineral makeup might be familiar with Coastal Scents, a company that sells mineral makeup online. I’ve reviewed their foundation before, and it wasn’t bad.The Glossi Glaze lipgloss, however, is another story. They are meant to be moisturizing and “perfect” but I found them to be far from that. The formulation […]

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Smashbox O-Gloss… One of a Kind?

Some time last week, I got to try Smashbox’s O-Gloss. Like the O-Glow Blush that came before it, Smashbox O-Gloss promises to customize its colour to your lips. And of course, what it really does it turn the same bright pink shade no matter who applies it and where they apply it. Want proof? Take […]

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CoverGirl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers

I think that all women have their own little pick-me-ups. One of those things that you get for yourself when you’re having a bad day or hear bad news. For some people, it’s treating themselves to a food product like a doughnut or a double mocchacino with the whipped cream. For others, it’s picking up […]

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Dior Creme De Gloss

Creme de Gloss is the latest offering by Dior. Essentially, it’s a lipstick that’s liquid enough to come in a tube. It’s as pigmented as a lipstick and wears like a lipstick too! Besides the packaging, the difference is that it is so smooth. There aren’t a lot of colours available but with a mix […]

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Beaute Lipgloss

In case you’re unfamiliar, Beaute is the newish line of brushes and lip glosses by Canadian makeup artist Beau Nelson. If you’ve been looking for a gloss that’s completely unsticky yet stays on for a long time, then look no further. The Beaute Luminous Volume Gloss goes on smooth and actually moisturizes your lips. I […]

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L’Oreal Fall Colour Collection – Timeless Seduction

I have to say it: L’Oreal’s fall makeup collection is one to rival any department store makeup brand’s. The colours are beautiful, the products are of high-quality, and it’s all at a price that makes it worth your while to refresh your fall makeup bag. Lets start with a staple item: lipgloss. L’Oreal Colour Juice […]

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Canadian Beauty News: August 17, 2007

TGIF – and today is new product day. Here’s a review of what’s just come out on shelves. Benefit That GalYup, this primer is now on shelves, and the good news is that though it’s pink in the tube, it actually adds hardly any colour on to your face and ditto with the shimmer. Yes, […]

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