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MAC Flashtronic

Check it out: MAC’s Flashtronic Collection is on counters now and though the collection includes lipglasses as well, it’s the Mineralize products that are drool-worthy. Click on the above pictures to enlarge and see for yourself – gorgeous, no? I’ve had a look at the swatches of the actual products and the difference between these […]

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MAC Chat

Remember the MAC Chat? Here’s the transcript in case you were wondering how it went: http://www.maccosmetics.com/whats_new/eve/eve_chat.tmpl Enjoy!

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MAC Paints and a Reminder!

Any discussion of crease-less shadow is never without the mention of MAC paints. It makes total sense, really. These paints really do last and last. They can also be used as a base to make regular eyeshadow stay on longer. Don’t forget: there’s a live chat today with Eve and her makeup artist. The chat […]

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MAC Tendertones

MAC lovers, listen up: there’s a new MAC product that’s going to be on shelves soon called Tendertones. Slick and sheer, this product beats other glosses because of the added SPF of 12. Perfect for the summer and all year round. Pick them up while you can, this is a limited edition product. Tendertones will […]

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MAC Slimshine

Slim slick lipsticks seem to be all the rage these days, and it would be unheard of for MAC to miss the trend, so they’ve introduced their own line. Slimshine is exactly what you’d expect it to be if all you had to go on was the name. It’s a slim lipstick that’s quite shiny! […]

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The Hills: Lauren’s Makeup

I have been suffering from some serious Hills withdrawal ever since the season ended (yes, the show is such a guilty pleasure) and I was watching season 1 again when I noticed that in one of the episodes, Lauren was doing her makeup and they had close-ups of her makeup bag! Check out the screen […]

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MAC Select Tint

MAC Select Tint is what I tried first – this tinted moisturizer picks up where some other brands leave off since it is offered in so many colours. Like the rest of the MAC line, the shades are spot on and since this is a sheer tint, it’s easy to find one that works. If […]

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Foundation Trick

A little while ago, I had a tv appearance and had my makeup done by a makeup artist hired by the studio. Now, I don’t know her name but she had worked on movies and tv shows before, but she was still relatively young. The studio where the TV show was being shot preferred the […]

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MAC Blot Powder

A simple review really: Mac Blot Powder works. It lasts for about two hours and immediately takes the shine from your skin. And don’t stress about the colour either, since they have practically no colour to them. I’m a medium-dark but I know that I could go lighter or darker with almost no difference. Try […]

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