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Glowy Summer Makeup Foundation Tutorial

Want to work dewy skin? It’s the perfect summer look because people can’t tell if you’re glowing or if you’re sweating. 😉 But actually, dewy skin looks great because a bit of shine makes your skin look plump and healthy. … Continue reading

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May 2020 Favourites Video

Here’s what I liked this month: Glossier hand cream.  What really won me over was the scent of this hand cream.  It smells amazing! The packaging is recyclable so that won points with me.  I bought the Glossier You scent … Continue reading

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Nars Contour Blush

If you finish doing your makeup – the whole foundation, eyes, blush, brows routine – and at the end, everything still looks a little flat, then chances are that what you’re missing is a contour. Contour just adds dimension and … Continue reading

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What Kind of Concealer Should I Use?

The type of concealer you use really depends on your skin type and what kind of coverage you need. I don’t use a lot of concealer because I like the natural look for my skin. I do use concealer if … Continue reading

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Nars Brow Perfector

Are you growing in your eyebrows yet?  Because the pencil thin brows or brows that blend into your skin just aren’t in anymore. What you need is brows that really make a statement or at least an appearance on your … Continue reading

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How To Fill In Your Eyebrows Video Tutorial

I thought I would make a tutorial showing you how to fill in your eyebrows.  It’s really quite easy, and I use my Guerlain Eyebrow Kit, but you could use whatever dark shadow you have in whatever eyeshadow palette you’re … Continue reading

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Some Things I’m Using Right Now

A quick review of some things that I’m using right now. Kiehl’s BB Cream with SPF 50. I like it because of the SPF, the colour is a bit dark, and it also looks oily on me as the day … Continue reading

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2 Awesome Cleansers For All Skin Types

Cleansers abound, but it’s all about finding those ones that remove all your makeup and don’t leave any residue. Here are 2 of the very best for all skin types and budgets. 1. Nars Aqua-Infused Makeup Removing Water ($37). This … Continue reading

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Kiehl’s Skin Tone Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream Review Video

I’ve been a huge fan of @KiehlsCanada for a long time, and I’m using this BB cream right now because it’s giving my slightly parched skin some moisture and has a hit of vitamin C too. This also has a … Continue reading

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Nars St. Paul De Vence Eyeshadow Duo

I got this eyeshadow duo from Nars years ago and it’s still one of my favourite colour combos. The nectarine colour on the left is great for brightening up the eye area, and the deeper shade works well in the … Continue reading

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