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Sunblock for Your Face

It is so important to wear sunblock in the summer, especially on your face if you want to prevent wrinkles and sunspots. That’s why we tested sunblock on our face, and picked our 3 favourite ones.  These all absorbed into our skin (eventually) and that meant that makeup went on top more smoothly and we […]

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6 Hand Creams: The Good, The Bad, And the Best!

Over the past few months, I have been trying hand creams left, right, and center.  I have a bottle at work, one on my nightstand, and of course one in my purse. I’ve also been checking out some of my old favourites of course, and I remember that they are my favourites for a reason. […]

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Products I’m Using Head to Toe

Here are some of the products that I’m using (and really liking) from head to toe. 1. Borba Firming Diamond Shimmer Contour Lotion. This lotion gives me shimmer which my skin needs in the winter, but it also has shea butter in it so it’s nice and creamy and rich in feel. You have to […]

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Eye Creams that Really Work!

When the weather gets colder, you need to invest in those products that you may have forgotten about over the summer. Eye creams can take you a long way in helping you look younger and even more well-rested! Here are a few that we’ve found to be particularly good! Lise Watier System Anti-Rides. This eye […]

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Fantastic Drugstore Buys

Aside from trying almost everything out there, we like to think that we’re pretty normal when it comes to beauty products.  We like to shop at Sephora, at the department store, and of course, at the drugstore.  Let’s never forget that there are some truly excellent products on drugstore shelves – here are some of […]

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6 Products to Help You Get Clearer Skin

We know that the battle with your skin is always ongoing, and trust me, we’ve been there and back with skin care products that promise the moon and don’t provide. That’s why we love products that have active ingredients that have been clinically proven to improve your skin. We checked out the latest products and […]

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Color Boosting Sun Block

I love products that can have multiple benefits.  They just make life a little bit easier and simpler.  My latest find is Neutorgena’s Color Boosting sunblock.  It has SPF 30, no whitish cast, and comes infused with self-tanner so that you can build a tan while wearing it!  And it’s moisturizing.  I just slather this […]

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Neutrogena Sun Giveaway

We love love love Neutrogena and one of our favourite products by them is their fantastic sunscreen!  It is not sticky and not greasy and so it gives nobody an excuse not to wear sunscreen.  The Neutrogena ground-breaking UltraSheer Dry-Touch sunscreen doesn’t feel like anything on, doesn’t clog pores, and you can wear it all […]

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Drugstore/Department Store: Heavy Moisturizers

At this time of year, I think it’s really important to find moisturizers that can work hard on your skin without being greasy or making you break out. I can’t believe that for the longest time, I would rather have let my skin go dry than put a moisturizer on it for fear of breaking […]

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Cleansing Towelettes

Here is a foot care product that may seem a little unconventional to you – cleansing wipes that you probably have around to use on your face. I use Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes when I’m too tired to wash my face at night, but these also have another great use.You can use them at the end […]

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