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Current Foundation Situation

Layering foundation and sunscreen in the middle of the summer can be a real pain, but I’ve figured it out, and I’ll admit that it’s against the advice of dermatologists and sunscreen makers.  I mix the Garnier Ombrelle sunscreen with … Continue reading

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Mineral Sunscreen from Garnier Ombrelle

Ok, so I wrote about Neutrogena’s new mineral sunscreen which should be what we’re all using, but now I’ve come across Garnier Ombrelle’s mineral sunscreen which is tinted!  Truly, I couldn’t ask for anything more, because the main issue with mineral … Continue reading

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Sunscreens to Stock Up On

Here are my top three sunscreens, in case you’re heading to the drugstore to stock up! Friends, if you want good skin, there’s one thing you absolutely must do: wear sunscreen every day, on your face and on your body. … Continue reading

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3 Sunscreen Sprays – What You Need to Know Before Heading To the Drugstore

Summer is officially upon us, and the easiest way to protect yourself is by using a spray sunscreen.  Fool proof coverage that you don’t have to bother rubbing into your skin, means that there’s a higher chance that you’ll actually … Continue reading

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Sunscreen Reviews – The Good And The Bad From The Creams

You’ll be surprised at these sunscreen reviews and which brand has the best products. I was on a mission this summer to try all the sunscreens I could and stick to the one that I liked the best, so here … Continue reading

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Spring Break Essentials: The Best and Worst Sunscreen

Summer is around the corner (yes, I’m optimistic), and right now is the time to take advantage of seat sales so I know that many of you are going some place warm.  So here’s a run down of the best … Continue reading

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Ombrelle SPF 45 Lotion Sunscreen Review

The very first thing I found with L’oreal Ombrelle sunscreen is that it doesn’t absorb. Like, at all. It kind of sits on top of the skin in a sticky layer, all day. (For real. I put this sunscreen on … Continue reading

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