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Fragrance Friday: Fall Scents with Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

Time to change up the fragrance game and wear something a little warmer for fall.  In my case, it’s Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather which I just got. I’ve got Champaca, and Cafe Rose, and they’re my favourites, so the people at the counter suggested Tuscan Leather and although it has notes of amber and vanilla […]

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Fragrance Review: Byredo Super Cedar

It’s always always a good sign when you’re wearing a perfume, and you get asked what IS that.  The first time this happened to me when I was wearing Byredo’s Super Cedar, I immediately wondered if I had put too much on.  One spray doesn’t seem like much especially when you’re going to be out […]

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Fragrant Friday: Kenzo World Eau de Parfum

Fragrance powerhouse Kenzo has a new perfume on the market this month, and it’s called World.  The packaging is to die.  The bottle looks like a lidded eye with a rose gold pupil hanging down in the center of the eye.  Far from being literally an eye, the concept is that this could be a […]

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Here it Comes: Elizabeth and James Nirvana Dry Shampoos!

This comes straight from the Elizabeth and James Instagram page… the brand is launching Dry Shampoos in their amazing Nirvana Black and Nirvana White scents.  I’m so excited because I love those perfumes, and the idea of a scented dry shampoo is on point! The Olson twins are known for their slightly disheveled beachy waves […]

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Jil Sander Style

I am actually kicking myself for passing up Jil Sander Style last year. I received the Jil Sander Style Body Milk as a Christmas present, and I’m finding that this is definitely an interesting scent.  It’s not sweet, and is slightly alkaline, but it dries down to a sophisticated woody vanilla, amber, musk and I’ve […]

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Pop Art is Everywhere

Check it out: DKNY’s Delicious fragrance will be available in a collectible pop art bottle this fall.  There will be advertising pop art by artist Brad Hamann, as well as a pop art comic strip that will be handed out at the perfume counter. Pop Art began in the 1950’s and became popular in New […]

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Karl Lagerfeld Perfume

Karl Lagerfeld, he who designs for Chanel and his own line (which includes $120 t-shirts) has come out with a line of 3 fragrances called Kapsule. They are unisex (the way fragrances were supposed to be before marketing got in the way) and can be worn alone or mixed together. There is Light, Woody, and […]

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Donna Karan Be Delicious Night

Donna Karan’s Be Delicious Night is so different from the original Be Delicious which was bright and fresh. This version is a different take from Karan’s original inspiration – it’s still full-bodied and made to represent full fast New York living – just at night, so it’s smoky. It smells more like incense with a […]

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Britney’s Seventh Scent

Kyle Gordon Seems good old Brit is making a comeback and one that seems quite well received to boot. With accolades and an arm full of awards at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, the star of the highly anticipated TV special Britney: For the Record doesn’t seem to be suffering. If you were watching […]

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Look By Vera Wang

Look is the name of Vera Wang’s newest fragrance, and when I saw the bottle and the ad campaign, it seemed to me that this was a departure from the bridal feel of Wang’s fragrances and branding. It’s not up to me to say whether that’s good or not, but I thought it was reflected […]

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