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High vs. Low: Nail Polish Strips.

I’m finally on board with nail polish strips and what won me over was Sephora Brand Nail Patch Art ($14), which were actually easier to apply and had a more flawless finish than the OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps ($14.95). … Continue reading

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The Perfect Gift For a Teenager

Sephora’s Cream Shadow set is the perfect gift for a teenager, because it’s filled with products that are great for experimenting with.  The cream shadows are ultra shimmery and the colours range from the neutral to the funky.  The shadows … Continue reading

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Sephora Professional Retractable Powder and Blush Brushes

I hate using brushes on my face knowing there’s dust (and whatever else) floating around, so bought Sephora’s retractable powder and blush brushes. I know this makes me sound super paranoid about germs and bacteria, but with skin as sensitive … Continue reading

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Pure From Sephora

Hot on the heels of Tarte, the company that came out with the first green palette with biodegradable packaging and nice rich colours, now Sephora has their own line of eco-conscious products and their line is called Pure. I’ve been … Continue reading

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I have been told that I have this uncanny knack of just knowing what people need when it comes to beauty products, and my most recent gift to a close friend was this amazingly cute purse your see below. It’s … Continue reading

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