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Just Finished: Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Regenerating Cream and Creams I’ve Loved

I really wish I had taken a picture of the empty jar, but I just forgot.  I know, I’ve reviewed a whole bunch of face creams lately.  There was the Sothy’s Noctuelle which has vitamin C in it and is meant to be used at night time.  This was really the most lusciously moisturizing cream […]

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Yes To Single Use Masks

I know that paper masks are not new, but now you don’t have to buy a whole package of paper masks of the same type.  You can just get the masks that you want to try out and then invest in a full package when you’re sure that the mask is for you.  This has […]

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Universkin Update

A couple of months ago, I made a video about Universkin customized skin serums.  Each serum is mixed on the spot for your own skin concerns and because it’s bespoke, the ingredients are tailored to what your skin needs.  Because the serums are made fresh and without any preservatives, each one is made to last […]

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What I’m Using: Spring Skincare Edition

  Here’s a peek on what’s in my bathroom right now.  I tried to streamline this a while ago when I was using Universkin serums, but slowly some of my other serums made their way back one at a time, and I couldn’t help but leave them on my vanity because they’re that good. Universkin […]

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New Video: Glossier Reviews

I know that I just posted a review of the Glossier Solution but here’s a video of that and the Perfecting Skin Tint. Check it out! I got the Glossier Solution and the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint and reviewed them both. You can find more information and order these at Glossier.com. Find me on Instagram […]

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The Lancer Method Anti-Aging Regimen Review

What do I say about an anti-aging regimen that doesn’t have any Vitamin C, acids, or retinol? Basically, the way to start fixing any skin concern is to develop a consistent routine.  Cleansing every morning and night is a must for every skincare routine, and adding a scrub into the mix can greatly enhance the […]

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Face Oils With Ingredients You Can Pronounce

Last week, I was introduced to a company called @ArtisanalBooty, a company made up of two women who got tired of not knowing what was in their skincare.  They teamed up to create products with ingredients they could actually pronounce, and now sell their amazing skincare line on Etsy. They sent me three of their […]

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My Skincare Routine

…sooo with all the masks and moisturizers I’ve been featuring, I figured it’s time to share what I’m using all the time on a day to day basis.  I’ve said that my skin keeps feeling dry and it got to the point where it broke out a few weeks ago because it just needed some […]

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Yes to Coconut!

If you have oily skin, it can easy to think that you need to stay away from moisturizing products, but once you actually add them into your skincare routine, it can feel so refreshing! I love washing my face with something more creamy because creamy cleansers really emulsify oils and makeup together and then wash […]

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The Gentle Skincare Company You Need to Know

Skincare seems to be a hot topic for so many people.  If you have kids, you’ll be aware about the rise in nut allergies, but if you’re in the beauty industry, you’ll realize that more and more people have sensitive or easily irritated skin.  Most of my friends have very sensitive skin or some kind […]

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