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Reader Question: Molton Brown Products

I got the following email from Mr. C: Where can we buy Molton Brown Hand washes in the Toronto Area? I don’t want to buy on-line because my wife has scent allergies, so we need to test them before purchase. Where can we do this? You can get Molton Brown products at Holt Renfrew stores […]

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Billy B. Brushes

Have you heard the news? Billy B. Brushes are now available in Canada and are being sold exclusively at Holt Renfrew stores! I sat down with Billy yesterday and talked to him about his brushes, which I have and of which I am a big fan. Billy told me that he chose to make brushes […]

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Butter London

Butter London nail polish is not from London! It’s actually from Seattle. That done, lets talk about the actual nail polish itself which is now available at Holt Renfrew stores all over Canada. The fact is that the formula is thin and very easy to apply. All you need is three coats to give you […]

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L’Artisan Parfumeur

Creating a perfume is an art. Each perfume is different in so many ways, and there are no two that can be exactly alike. When asked how she came up with her new perfume, Gwen Stefani said that she talked about her ideas with a perfumer who then came up with a bunch of different […]

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Located in the uber-posh part of Toronto, is a store that carries what you can’t find anywhere else – the full line of Erno Lazlo skincare products, The Art of Shaving products for men who like their products old-school, and a range of perfumes that come from all over the world. The store is Noor […]

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SK-II Air Touch Foundation

The SK-II Air Touch Foundation might just be the most high-tech product on the market right now. It’s not a foundation you apply with a brush, not with a sponge, and definitely not with your fingers. The SK-II foundation comes in it’s own pump that uses an internal motor. The first time you purchase the […]

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The Curl Ambassadors

Last week, it was time for some pampering. Hair pampering that is. The thing is that I have long curly hair and I wanted to go to a place that knew it well and could take care of it. So I thought I would try a new salon that a friend had told me about […]

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Cake – in Your Shower

Usually, I steer away from products that smell sweet. Do I really want to smell like I just spent 25 minutes baking in a pre-heated 325 degree oven? No thanks. And then I discovered Cake Beauty. Their smells are not too sweet and when you get a sniff of a Cake product, you’ll know what […]

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Take Care of Those Cuticles

One of the things that usually lies on my desk come winter time is Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme. Be forewarned: it smells just like Neocitron, a scent that I hate. To me, Neocitron doesn’t taste like lemons which is a taste I think I would like. Instead, it tastes like what I imagine […]

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