Take Care of Those Cuticles

One of the things that usually lies on my desk come winter time is Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme. Be forewarned: it smells just like Neocitron, a scent that I hate. To me, Neocitron doesn’t taste like lemons which is a taste I think I would like. Instead, it tastes like what I imagine a lemon peel would taste like and that’s just what this cuticle creme smells like too. But I kept using the creme anyway because it worked and slowly I got used to the scent and didn’t mind it as much.

The Cuticle Creme really does help you keep your cuticles moisturized but it also has an added bonus: I found that if I rub this into my nails when I don’t have any nail polish on, it really helps keep my nails looking very clean. The tips of my nails are whiter and brighter, and I suspect it’s because the lemon oil has a bleaching effect on the nail. That, and the fact that this really is a great salve, makes this product a keeper.

Thanks to Shopper’s Drug Mart and other retailers, many Burt’s Bees products (including this one) can be purchased quite easily in Canada, so keep a look out for this cuticle saver while you’re shopping.

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