Tech Time! Inglam Onyx Ceramic Iron with MP3 Player

This is definitely the coolest gadget to enter my bathroom.  A hair straightener with an mp3 player built right into it!  It’s awesome.

The product is called the Inglam Onyx Ceramic Iron and it’s available at Ulta (among other places) for about $150.

Not only is this a great price for a hair straightener, but the straightener is actually better than my Chi flatiron that I got ages ago.  For one, it has temperature control so that I can set it to a low setting for my super fine hair, and then just leave it there while I straighten my hair.  I also like that it does have the ceramic plates (which are standard these days) and that it has floating plates that prevent my from gripping my hair too hard.

At just 1″ and beveled it’s super easy for me to curl my hair with this, which is exactly what I like.

Oh yes, and the awesome mp3 player.  It has a 2 gig memory so you can fit TONS of music in there and never get bored.  It doesn’t have volume control, but I found it to be on the loud side and the volume is just fine.  I can’t play soft music on it, but that’s ok with me.

The mp3 player works even when the iron isn’t plugged in which is sweet.  Its own battery just charges when you plug the iron in to straighten your hair.  You can play the music even when you’re not using the iron in your bathroom or wherever you straighten your hair.

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5 Responses to Tech Time! Inglam Onyx Ceramic Iron with MP3 Player

  1. Shauky says:

    The INGLAM MP3 iron does have a volume control button for soft or loud music. – Thanks

  2. Henna says:

    Yes, it does and I also found out that I can stop the music if I hold down the pause button for long enough. Guess they need to have better directions included in the product!

  3. Hannah says:

    How do you put songs on it because I cannot figure it out to save my life. lol

  4. Henna says:

    Plug it into your computer, open the directory in My Computer, and then drag your files over.

  5. Carla says:

    How do you remove music to switch up playlists? Loading it is no problem,but I cannot remove anything.

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