The $980 Face Cream

supremya nightThere’s a face cream on the market and it costs $980. Of course, I’m talking about a cream only available at Holt Renfrew, and that at the Sisley counter.  Sisley’s new Supremya has a Phyto-Complex that purports to help slow down the aging of skin and keeps it supple and smooth.  It also helps reduce damage caused by UVB radiation.

All this means is that there’s something in Supremya that helps it resist stress and repair itself.

The cream smells amazing, makes skin looks like it’s glowing, and hydrates like a dream.

If you’re looking for the best in skin care, you can’t go wrong with Sisley, so try it for yourself.

As I write this, I do wonder how many of you would be willing to spend this much on a face cream.  And if not $980, how much is the most you can spend?  Do you spend on La Mer?  Dior?  Lancome?  or are you happy with your Olay?  Share in the comments, I’m curious.

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10 Responses to The $980 Face Cream

  1. Jess Bennett says:

    I bought La Mer once on eBay, paying less than it normally retails for, but still an inordinate amount ($200 +.)

    I used every last bit of that cream and I contend that it was worth it because you don’t need to use a lot.

    I tried to buy it again, but the delivery never arrived and I wound up getting a refund from the eBay seller.

    I suppose the eBay gods might have been telling me that was too much to spend on face cream


  2. Tracy S. says:

    I use La Mer Foaming Face Wash and the cream. They both have lasted 1 year already. I’ve been using the cream at night in the winter(or if my skin is really dry which it seems to be lately) and the face wash in the daytime. I also use some Lancome products. I found some Prevage at Costco once-that was a good deal so I bought 2 of them.
    I agree with Jess-you don’t need to use a lot so I think they are worth it. $850 is just too much for me though. It would need to promise me a miracle for me to spend that!

  3. natalie says:

    At most I’d probably be only willing to spend only up to about $100 for a face cream. I’m currently using Shiseido right now (and will continue) for around $40 a bottle.

  4. Emily Boyd says:

    The old saying applies. “A fool and his money are soon parted” It makes more sense to invest that money in a procedure offered by the dermatologist. You will certainly get better results.

  5. Henna says:

    Interesting story, Jess! I know you were always interested in the La Mer products, and I’m glad that you at least tried the cream. It’s probably one of the most controversial products out there – some people think it’s over-hyped and many obviously think that it’s worth every penny. If you’re still interested in getting the cream, get the BCA one because then at least some of the proceeds are going towards breast cancer research. You can donate money and get your La Mer in one shot!

    Tracy, miracles are hard to come by in a jar… I know I would pay a pretty penny for a higher % glycolic acid product and that’s about it.

  6. amy says:

    Right now my budget for face moisturizers are about $40 to $50. I have been using Aveeno Positivity Radiant on and off for 5 years and it works fine and it only cost $20. I am dying to try some SK II products and they start at $100 at Holt Renfrew. I definitely have lemmings to try some of these much hyped about creams.

  7. Lori Belanger says:

    I was the grand prize winner of the Elle Beauty Awards prize pack & have been lucky enough to be able to try some top of the line skincare products. I think my favourite product is the Chanel Precision Sublimage Eye Essential Regenerating Eye Cream that retails at The Bay for $200 & I almost fainted when the woman at the counter told me this. I have been using it a lot more sparingly after finding out the price, but it’s just SO good! I *MAY* buy more when I”m out, but I think $200 is the absolute maximum that I’d pay for any part of my skincare routine! I agree with spending the money on derma procedures instead if we’re talking $850!

  8. Cassandrad says:

    Sisley’s $850. cream looks like the only product to get but I would If… I could. I use Marcelle moisturizer under $50.

  9. Doris says:

    I have a real problem with dry,dry skin and nothing i tried works.I certainly haven’t tried the $850 stuff but the dermatologist can’t fix my problem so to help me i would be willing to pay anything. If i only had to buy the cream once a month i could probably spend appx $400 and leave out other things i like to do.

  10. Henna says:

    Doris, that is certainly an interesting point of view! I totally know how it is to have a skin concern and feel ready to “pay whatever it takes” to clear that concern up. I once spoke to a dermatologist and he said that if you’re not prone to breakouts, you should try putting vaseline on your skin every night before you go to bed. My mom used to use Olive Oil instead and her skin thanked her for it. Have you already tried one of those options?

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