The Best Dry Shampoos

I’ve tried so many dry shampoos and these are my favourite ones – points go to ones that smell really good, and points for formulas that are clear – and these are – so that I can use them on my dark hair.  Don’t put them directly where you part your hair – create new parts, spray the dry shampoo, rub it in, and then fix your part to where it originally was.

  1. Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder Post Working Dry Shampoo Mist.  This is the latest on the dry shampoo scene, and it’s a wet product that you spray on to wet hair.  It absorbs quickly (within 30 seconds) and doesn’t leave a white residue at all, so it’s worth checking out if you haven’t had luck with dry shampoos in the past!
  2. Drybar’s Detox Dry Conditioner. Smells amazing – like expensive perfume – and I always get compliments on how good I smell when I use it.  I actually finished a bottle which never happens.
  3. Colab Dry Shampoo.  Also smells amazing, and they have a version that smells like roses.  Also, there’s an extra strength version which is amazing.  This is at the drugstore so check it out!
  4. Marc Anthony Grow Long 2-in-1 Dry Shampoo and Conditioner.  This smells like berries and you can use it on the lengths of your hair to actually make it shiny and smell good.  It’s the product I like to use on my hair after cooking because I feel like it takes out the scent of food and makes my hair smell good.

And those are my favourites!  The Drybar Detox is definitely an all-time fav that I would rebuy because it smells the best.

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