The Best Hand Cream Ever Part Deux

Friends, a few weeks ago, I wrote about the best hand cream ever.  It’s by L’Occitane and I love it because it absorbs so easily and makes a huge difference in hydration without being greasy.

Well, for those of you who don’t like jar packaging and dipping your fingers in and out of your hand cream, I’ve found a lovely tube formulation.

It’s L’Occitane’s Lavender Hand Cream which has a very similar formula to the Relaxing Hand Balm by the same company.  Like that hand balm, this cream is light and almost gel-like so it absorbs very easily.   While that one had a mix of different essential oils, this hand creamhas pure Lavander essential oil in it so you get a relaxing scent with your moisturization.

So now you see why I had to label this post The Best Hand Cream Ever Part Deux.  I do prefer the Relaxing Hand Balm if I had to pick between the two – I prefer the scent and I like a jar because it gives more control on how much hand cream I take out, but on the whole these two hand creams are very similar and they both work well.

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