The Best Hand Cream Ever

My favourite hand cream is from L’Occitane but it’s not the one you think.  Though the company is well known for their Shea Butter Hand Cream, the best hand cream that I have ever tried is actually their Relaxing Hand Balm.

This Hand Balm is part of their Aromachologie line and is infused with essential oils that have a calming scent meant to make you relax.

Though this hand balm has shea butter and the essential oils, it is completely not oily or greasy, and that’s why I love it.  The hand balm actually has a light gel-like texture that immediately absorbs into your hands and leaves them silky smooth, super soft, and completely hydrated.

I went through a tin of this hand balm in a week because when I saw how well it worked, I rubbed it into my elbows, on to my feet, and anywhere else I felt dryness.

Pick this up at your local L’Occitane store for $20.

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