The Foundation Brush You Must Try

So, it’s pretty difficult to improve on something that does the job well enough.  But I guess well enough is not good enough for Sephora, and they went and improved the foundation brush.  You must try the Sephora Collection PRO Air Brush #55.  It is perhaps the best foundation brush I’ve ever had and despite what you might think, it is super easy to use and applies foundation in a perfectly streak-free finish.

How to use a foundation brush so fluffy?  Put some foundation on the center and dot all over your face.  Then smooth it all out with the brush until all the foundation is blended in!  The nylon fibers won’t absorb any of the foundation (so it won’t go waste) and the multitude of fibers won’t cling together meaning that you won’t get any streaking.

$45 at Sephora stores and online.

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3 Responses to The Foundation Brush You Must Try

  1. Rach says:


    I have been searching for a foundation brush for months, and when I finally found one at Shoppers, the women in the cosmetics department had put a cream blush brush in the cream foundation box. I didn’t realized this mistake until I used the brush.

    How much does this brush run for? Is it easy to clean?

  2. Henna says:

    HI Rach, it’s super easy to clean, just like a regular brush! Just use shampoo and you’re good to go!

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