The Kerastase Elixer Ultime Dupe

l'oreal paris oleo therapy perfecting oil essenceNothing comes close to the conditioning that actual oil can do for your hair, but using oil-infused products is a close second. That’s why I had to try L’Oreal Paris’s Oleo Therapy line – apparently, the shampoo, conditioner, deep-conditioning mask, and the serum are all infused with oil. There’s also a hot oil treatment that is very similar to the old V05 Hot Oil I used to use back in the day, but this treatment is self-heating.

The oils in these products are light-weight, and yet using the combination seems to deliver on the hydration factor. From the first use, I could see that my hair was shinier, frizz-free, and yet soft and light to the touch.

What really had me floored was the L’Oreal Paris Oleo Therapy Perfecting Oil Essence which was almost light as water, and left my hair super soft to the touch. It reminded me of another something I had used and loved, but I couldn’t remember what it was….

And then it came to me.

The Oleo Therapy Perfecting Oil Essence by L’Oreal Paris is very similar to Kerastase’s Elixir Ultime – and both are made by parent company L’Oreal so there’s no surprise that there’s some overlapping of products here.

Elixir Ultime was ground-breaking. It’s the only serum I’ve tried that left hair so soft and smooth and it’s almost like I could use as much as I wanted without my hair getting weighed down. But it was also $50, whereas the L’Oreal Paris Oleo Therapy Perfecting Oil Essence is $16 but looks and smells just like the $50 version. It comes in a heavy glass bottle, and smells wonderfully floral. If you close your eyes, you wouldn’t know that it was a drugstore product.

It makes me wonder how many other L’Oreal dupes exist and are there for the finding.

Check out the entire Oleo Therapy line at drugstores now.

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  1. faith says:

    i love loreal hair products i use it on my coloured hair cc:

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