The Mystery Collection

Flashback to a beautiful makeup collection from @LancomeCanada – this was Fall 2007!  Anyone remember it?

In just a few short weeks, the Lancome Mystery Collection will be on counters. I’ll just give you a minute to soak in the amazing picture below. Model Daria Werbowy showcases the collection.

Daria’s holding the Destiny Cube which you can see above and below. The Mystery Cube comes in two colour collections – the one pictured above, called Charisma, and then the one below, called Deep Fascination. The lighter colour of the lip duo in both colour collections is the lipstick and the dark colour is a sheer lip gloss. The duo work beautifully together, of course, and they give your lips just the right colour wen worn together. Natural and nicely coordinated with the eyeshadow. I’m sure, though, that the product that will create the most curiosity is the Baisser Baume. This is a lip balm! If you’re wondering what the texture of the balm is, imagine one of those little rubber balls that are used to play jacks with. Now imagine that every time you touch this rubber ball you get a moisturizer residue. Not only is it cool but it has a very faint sweet smell and taste.

Also part of the collection are a pair of Kohl pencils and lip glosses. The Kohl pencils aren’t “normal” either, of course, and they come with a twist. One side of the Kohl is a gold colour while the other is a dark black or dark brown. The Kohl pencils are super-pigmented and really stay on. Using the gold and the darker colour, I was able to do a perfect smoky eye by blending the two colours.

See the funny shape of the Khol pencil? That’s so you can use it as a hair accessory! The entire collection is inspired by The Orient Express and to me it reflects some of the Fall 2007 Ready-to-Wear collections that were also inspired by the orient.

Also, this August’s Vogue featured a story with Amber Valetta, and her look is definitely one that you could achieve with the Charisma Destiny Cube. The grey eyeshadow all over the eyes and the neutral lips with a mostly plain face are easily attainable, and the gloss provided makes sure that you can make your lip colour as pink as you prefer.

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5 Responses to The Mystery Collection

  1. ericka says:

    Gorgeous!! And are we actually getting this in CANADA!! yeah!! (I have been trying to track down Canadian info for this collex!! There is a FABULOUS nail polish with this collex already released in the US…*crosses fingers* !

  2. Anonymous says:

    awesome pic of daria just luv the destiny cube can’t wait ot get my hands on one or both

  3. Henna says:

    Ericka, I was as excited as you are! The collection should be out in a couple of weeks, but I have no idea whether we’re going to be getting the nail polish or not… I almost feel as if the products are collector’s items.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i usually don’t like lancome’s items, but i’m actually excited for this collection to come out!!

    – lina 🙂

  5. The Home Spa Goddess says:

    That cube is $50 in the us. (!) I was annoyed because I liked the lip colors on one cube and the eye colors on another one:(

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