The Mystery Cream

When Henna asked me to try this cream without any labels or indication of what it was so I could give it a fair review, I was hesitant. Not that I didn’t trust her, but my paranoia kicked in and I felt itchy and tingly just by looking at the bottle. Weak, I know.

When I finally mustered up enough courage to give it a go, I ended up using the entire bottle in just a few short weeks! I rarely stick to just one cream for that long, so it’s definitely worth mentioning that I loved it enough to stick with it until it was all gone.

The smell reminds me of the Ponds cold cream my mom used when I was a kid, but this cream is lighter and a lot less greasy. I had to take my time rubbing it in because it felt a bit sticky if I didn’t. Once it absorbed, it left my skin feeling softer than ever. The cream did need to be reapplied to hands once they were washed, but the moisture it gave me when it was on my skin more than makes up for that.

After shaking hands with a number of colleagues at a business meeting, a co-worker quietly commented on how soft my hands were, and everyone in the room piped up to agree. While it was embarrassing for me, it was proof enough that the cream was nothing short of a miracle for my dry hands.

I’m excited for the big revelation because it’s one of the best hand and body lotions I’ve ever used. At this point, I just need to know – Henna, what is this phenomenal mystery cream!?

Ed. note: the mystery cream that I gave Angee was Jergens Ultra Care Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer! Try it again “for the first time” and you might find that you like it too!

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  1. Els says:

    what a nice way to test a product. keep up the good work with your beautiful blog. You have a Belgian fan!

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