The No-Makeup Makeup Remover

My sister, who hardly ever wears makeup, somehow always has a bottle of Lancome’s Bi-Facile Double-Action Eye makeup remover in her medicine cabinet. And I always laugh when I see it. “But you don’t even wear makeup,” I exclaim to her.
And then she has to explain: when she does wear makeup, she needs something that can remove it easily. She’s a no muss no fuss type of girl, and she needs something that works and easily. This makeup remover fits the bill and is a standby at my house.
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One Response to The No-Makeup Makeup Remover

  1. Anonymous January 24, 2007 at 6:42 pm #

    This is awesome for removing eye makeup! I also keep a bottle with me at hand and it is the best I have ever come across!

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