The Supermodel Kit

I can’t believe I passed this over because it is a truly great gift for any beauty addict in your life. Valued at $145, the Sephora Supermodel Kit can be yours for $59 (American)! That’s a great value considering the fact that the Smashbox blush and Stila Lipglaze together cost more than that. Plus, if you haven’t tried the Dior mascara, or need a new bronzer, here’s your chance to get them both. This kit is also available at the actual Sephora stores.

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  1. Melissa says:

    I saw this in the store, and the colours are gorgeous and would suit a lot of people. The eye shadow is a sparkly black that can be used as either shadow or liner–it’s great for the smoky eye look. The products are all full-sized (except for the Smashbox primer which is the travel-sized version, also sold at sephora) and, if purchased individually, would cost you $132.50USD (if bought in the U.S.) and $171.00CAD (if bought in Canada). The kit has been reduced from $79.00 to $59.00 in the U.S. but still retails for $89.00 in Canada.

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