Thrrrrob by Benefit

Here’s a picture of a discontinued Benefit blush.  I loved it but I think they moved away from the box of powders.  Which is a shame because recyclable packaging was ahead of its time.

This is a sheer bright pink blush that can be built up in intensity, and I really think that it’s one of those that would work on a variety of skin tones. It’s also perfect for those people who just want a hint of blush to brighten their face, and don’t want rosy cheeks.

benefit throb
The blush does have some shimmer in it but once on your skin the blush is definitely not as shimmery as it first seems.

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4 Responses to Thrrrrob by Benefit

  1. Angel says:

    I tried this, but I still like Dandelion better. It’s quite sheer, although I know it’s supposed to.
    It seems like the shimmer are bigger sized compared to Dandelion.

  2. Henna says:

    Yes, there is larger shimmer and it is very sheer, but you can layer it. I actually put a lot on because I like a dark flush, but on the days where I’m going more natural, I just use a little.

  3. bitterbabe says:

    can i just i love benefit packaging? i know we all do but i get reminded of it everytime! this reminds of a corset!

  4. eye4style says:

    Hi Henna – It was so nice to meet you at dinner last night. Hope to see you again sometime soon! – Dina

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