Tips from a Makeup Artist

A friend of mine, Arpan, is a make-up artist in Toronto and these are some of her tips for looking your best everyday!

First things first, have you ever heard that no woman should ever go out of her house without wearing lipstick? OK, that is my number one pet peeve! Would putting lipstick on a blank face really make you look all that great? Absolutely not. In fact it would make you look as if you forgot to do the rest of you face. The key is to wear GLOSS! A clear or slightly tinted colour of lipgloss to give your lips a shine will look nice. If you are not into glosses the next best thing is to put on mascara.

The next tip is for all you fair skinned ladies with eye colours other than brown. Don’t ever and I repeat EVER put on brown eye liner. You need BLACK! The key to doing eye makeup is to make your eyes pop. Brown on such fair skin will dull it. You need black. This does not mean that you should never use brown eye shadow. Use it, but with black eyeliner on top! You will see the difference. Same goes for mascara…I know some of you must be thinking well brown will give it more of a natural look. Well there is a difference in natural look and natural look with a pop!

Next: Blush, my friends, is to define cheekbones, not to make your cheeks look like you just ran a marathon. So if you don’t have cheekbones, blush is what you use to create that effect. The key when applying blush is to suck in your face while applying
the blush. This will show you exactly where your cheekbones are. So put a little bit on and just to the right of you eyebrows, in that little section (where your hairline starts) put a LITTLE bit there as well. This will give it a shadow effect and make you look like you actually have cheekbones. Make sure you pick a colour that complements your skin tone which means that if your skin is medium-toned a darker pink will complement your skin. If you are fair then you need to go for a lighter pink will complement it. And if you are dark, then your blush should have a tint of brown in it.

Last but not least: If you are going to be wearing concealer and foundation, always, and I mean always, wear a concealer and foundation that matches you skin tone. This is especially important for dark coloured women. I have seen many make up artists transform the skin of medium-dark skinned ladies into dark skinned ladies. Sure they still look beautiful, but that is not their TRUE skin tone. Search and search and search. Go to at least five different cosmetic counters and see what they recommend. Compare! The store that I would recommend at this time is Vasanti Cosmetics for majority of the ladies with medium skin colour. They have the best variety for people with different skin types. The colour that you choose must blend with your skin.

And those are Arpan’s tips for looking your best.

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  1. Anonymous December 12, 2006 at 1:31 pm #

    Wow Arpan…thanks for the tips 🙂 I always chose brown eyeliner and brown mascara just because I thought it looks natural for my green eyes…but now I will switch to black since I do want the natural look with a pop 🙂


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