TRESemme Fresh Start Refreshing Mist

I’m quite a fan of refreshing mists. If any of you have ever had Korean BBQ on date night, you’ll get where I’m coming from. As most people are fond of washing their hair before date night, this poses a dilemma. I mean, you don’t want to wash your hair again because you don’t want to dry it out, but you can’t walk around smelling like the inside of a pot roast either. What to do?


Herbal Essences made a delicious smelling one a few years ago, but I haven’t been able to find it since the one time, which was sort of unfortunate. This is the only one I’ve seen since that fateful day, four years ago.

TRESemme’s version smells like citrus (and contains actual citrus extracts!), and is rather refreshing. It also makes your hair a bit softer, especially if you run a brush through your hair after spraying.

TRESemme does recommend that you keep the bottle about an arm’s distance away when you’re spraying, because the ingredient that helps make your hair soft also makes your hair greasy if you use too much. Used sparingly, it really does help hide smells from smoke, food and coffee.

Do remember that this isn’t a dry shampoo though. It’s not going to make your hair less greasy if it really does need a wash.  It will just mask any smell.

As with all TRESemme products, this one can be found at your local grocery or drug store, and costs around $7.

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