Tria Hair Removal Laser Review

Silk ‘n Sens Epil, and I’ve had laser hair removal at a doctor’s office before, so I’ll be comparing this to those two methods of treatment.

The thing that the Tria has going for it is that it’s extremely portable. You charge it up and then you can unplug it and use it on your body to zap hairs. Just like laser hair removal at the doctor’s office, you have to shave before you use it, and the treatment hurts. But that means that it’s working, and the pain is quite bearable.

Unlike the doctor’s office, the laser has a built in sensor so that you can tell whether your skin is light enough to use the laser. You just press the sensor to your skin, and if it’s suitable, the device unlocks and you can go on to use the laser. The sensor isn’t perfect though – I found that I could unlock it by pressing it to my white pillow so clearly it works even when it’s not your skin.

I know that the Tria works and I didn’t have any trouble using it, but I wouldn’t use it continually, and here’s why. The treatment area of the Tria is extremely small at just about a centimeter in diameter. That’s about the size of a wand at the doctor’s office too, but that laser works much faster so it can cover a greater area in a smaller amount of time. The tria takes forever to cover even a few centimeters of skin properly.

The Tria costs $395 and does not have replaceable parts. That means that unlike the Silk ‘n Sens, when the cartridge runs out, that’s it for the whole product. You have to toss the whole thing in the garbage. The Tria works, but get it if you’re only using it on a small area of skin. The thing is, if you’re using it on a small spot, it might not save you that much money or time compared to an in office treatment.

The product is safe to use in your own home, but if you’re planning on doing your legs with it, be prepared to spend a lot of time.

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