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TruBlend Whipped Foundation

I finally got my hands on Cover Girl’s Trublend Whipped Foundation. I’ve already mentioned that I like the original version which blended nicely and came in a variety of skin-true shades.

Well the new whipped version is just as good. The shade selection is the same which is a relief because finding that perfect shade can be such a hassle. If you already used the original version, you can find the same shade in the whipped one.

But inquiring minds will want to know what the difference between the two actually is. I’ll get to that in a minute.

First: the whipped foundation does in fact has a whipped texture but don’t think mousse, think pudding instead. The texture of the foundation really reminds me of Jello pudding – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The foundation is a mix of silicons and colour, so imagine Smashbox’s Primer mixed with colour and that’s the kind of foundation this is, which is great. The thing that I love about the primer is that it doesn’t interfere with whatever else you’ve already put on your face and that’s the plus about this foundation as well. It goes on so smooth, just like the primer, and doesn’t rub existing products off your face because of the high silicone content.

Therein lies the rub – the silicons are slightly moisturizing and so this foundation doesn’t absorb oil the way the original formula does. I find that the original formula goes on drier whilst this one gives my face more of a dewy look. The original formula stayed oil-free longer whilst this one seems to get shiny sooner. The original formula also came in a pump bottle whilst this one comes in a tidy glass jar.

That’s pretty much where the differences end. As I’ve said, both foundations come in an excellent variety of skin-true shades, and Cover Girl has also provided drugstores with testers so you can try the foundation out before you buy it. Really it comes down to which finish you’d like on your skin and what your skin needs. If you have drier skin you might prefer using the whipped formula whereas someone with combination skin might prefer the original. If you found the original version too drying for the winter, you might want to pick this one up and it may just give you just the right amount of moisture. In any case, this foundation has a great formula so don’t hesitate to give it a try.
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