Truly Clear Soap Bar

Sometimes you don’t know how well something has been working until you stop using it and then notice that something’s different.  That might be what happens when we feel that our hair has gotten used to a shampoo, or how when you wear a perfume all the time, you stop smelling it on yourself.  Give yourself a break from anything and you realize how much you miss it and what it actually added to you. Might even apply to things other than soaps, perfumes, and shampoos.

In any case, that was my experience with the Truly Clear soap bar.  This mostly natural bar is made with anti-microbial silver and salicylic acid so that it actually helps kill bacteria while it cleanses your skin.  At first, I wasn’t sure how it was working, but it turns out that the Truly Clear soap bar leaves a bit of a residue or film on your face so that it actually helps get rid of acne long after you’ve washed the soap off.

The silver helps prevent the formation of new bacteria and the salicylic acid helps clean the pores from inside and out.  I actually keep the soap bar in my shower and even use it on my body.

$19.95 and available online.

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