Twenties Girl

twenties girl

I just finished reading Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. I don’t usually read chick-lit, but a couple of my friends were reading this so I decided to join in – and I ended up finishing this book in one weekend, it was that good!

Seriously, this is the most fun book I’ve read in a while! Parts of it had me laughing out loud, and Kinsella writes some great characters. Even when I would put the book down for a while, I would still be thinking about Lara Lington and her ghost. Yes, there’s a ghost in this novel but it’s definitely not scary or a ghost story in the traditional sense. In fact, the ghost kind of got annoying but the book itself was still awesome.

Sophie Kinsella is the author of the Shopaholic series too so if you liked those, you’re going to like this too.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    Agreed! This is a great book! Lots of fun & hard to put down!

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