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Two Birds, One Stone

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve worked with PR companies and makeup companies before to either get my hands on products or to get the full information. Without fail, I receive absolutely no pressure to review products and they’re understanding if I don’t like something. The ones I have worked with are professional and leave me to do my own thing. I like working with them and have a great amount of respect with what they do.

And then every once in a while something happens that really gets on my nerves. This is when a company hires someone who goes around leaving comments on blogs on behalf of the company. I’m not going to mince words: I hate this. Not only is said commenter biased, but they are leaving comments for their own gain and don’t contribute to the community of blog readers, a community that I help to foster. Every time I see this happen, I delete the comment without fail. I don’t address it because I think that the mere deletion sends enough of a message. I thought that as blogs became more popular, these spam commenters would learn.

It seems they haven’t so I’m addressing this once and for all and giving you all a product review while I’m at it.

Paola left a comment on my Moisturizer post and recommended that I try the Skin MD Shielding Lotion. I did a quick google search and found that “Paola” has been recommending Shielding Lotion all over the blogosphere. Qu’elle surprise.

So here we go: since Paola brought attention to the lotion, and since I already know about it, you may as well read a formal review. I tried Shielding Lotion over a year ago, and I did not like it. As I replied in the comments, it’s watery and has dimethicone as its main moisturizer. It doesn’t absorb into the skin and takes forever to dry. I do not like this lotion at all and I used it at a time when my hands were particularly parched and felt no relief at all. I much prefer the regular hand creams and I’ve tried many.

You may wonder why I didn’t review the cream before. Well, since the company was relatively new and unknown, I just didn’t see any reason to draw your attention to it. There are tons of great products out there (hand lotions among them) that are worth mentioning and so I’ve written about those instead.

If you’ve tried the Shielding Lotion or have something to say about the kinds of comments I delete, feel free to let me know in the comments.

Edit: it seems that the person leaving the comments works for a vendor of Skin MD Lotion. Skin MD had nothing to do with the comments and they like to work with bloggers one on one. Of course, my review of the lotion still stands.

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