Um, That’s Not Snow…

Yes, I am talking about dandruff today. I realize that it’s a taboo subject in beauty circles, but we all suffer from it at some point in our lives. It’s either from the cold weather, or from stress, or using a shampoo that’s not great for our scalp.

I, myself, once decided to remedy the problem by reaching for the nearest chemical anti-dandruff shampoo. I don’t even remember whether it worked or not. What I do remember is that after a week of using it, my hair felt like straw. It was then that I turned to Lush.

Lucky for me, they had a solution to my problem: The Soak and Float Shampoo bar. This bar is so gentle on your hair and really does do the job. Moreover, you notice the results from the very first use, and because Lush uses a blend of oils to do away with your dandruff, the result is that your hair does not get dried out.

This shampoo is definitely a standby that everyone should have just in case dry hair or dandruff hits. Good luck!

Oh, and this shampoo worked so well that I just had to try the rest of the Lush shampoos and they’re all I use now! So try it!

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