Upper Canada Soap Naturally Coarse Salt Scrub

When it’s super cold outside, I think that it’s even more important to really take care of your skin.  One way to get skin that really glows is to scrub regularly and I’m a stickler for scrubbing on a really regular basis.  I’ve tried every scrub out there, and Upper Canada Soap Company’s Naturally Salt Scrub is the creamiest that I have ever used!  The salt is in a super creamy mixture of avocado oils and other emollients and that means that my skin gets moisturized as the salt dissolves.  It’s a truly luxourious product to use as we go through this cold snap and it’s making my skin look like it does in the summer rather than in the winter.

You can pick up this scrub for about $15 online or at your nearest Upper Canada Soap retailer (The Bay usually carries their products, and I have also seen them at some drug stores.  You can also buy in bulk and save!)


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