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Brand new to Shoppers Drug Mart locations is skincare brand Veriphy, and I’ve been giving their three products a try this summer. They include a face serum, an eye cream, and a face lotion. The brand is out of Guelph, Ontario, and was created to incorporate a new ingredient called Phytoglycogen which was discovered at the University of Guelph. Phytoglycogen is glycogen extracted from plants – where as glycogen is found in our bodies and helps give us energy (I’m simplifying this, but that’s how it works). In your skin, phytoglycogen could help with hydration, collagen, and skin health.

The packaging is luxe and heavy. Dark green glass bottles with gold lids and lettering looks unique but pretty on my vanity. You can see the boxes that the bottles come in, and they have all the ingredients in them.

My favourite from this collection was the Power Trip Facial Serum because it has some lactic acid in it which helps exfoliate skin and just makes skin brighter but moisturizes too.

The facial serum is $105, the eye cream is $82, and the face lotion is $85.  You can find them online.

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