Victoria Beckham on Harper’s Bazaar

Before we get to the picture, just a note that Urban Decay is on sale on Hautelook today! They even have Primer Potion on sale for half price, which is definitely a steal of a deal. If you haven’t used Primer Potion before, or heard of it, it’s absolutely the best eyeshadow primer out there, and is the one that all the other brands copy. It prevents your eyeshadow from straying and can be used with any brand of shadow. The colour of it is nude and it makes the eyeshadow colour pop more than it usually would. You just blend it on to your eyelid, and then put your shadow on top. I love it and use it daily.

OK, on to Victoria Beckham, Queen Victoria as Harper’s is calling her. I love love love the cover. Truly, I think it shows Victoria at her best, and that’s not just for the clothes that she designs. I love the huge swipe of black liner done in a laser sharp cat eye. The lady doesn’t need any makeup to look good, and they made sure that she looked like herself.

What do you think of the cover?

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